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World Internet Project survey impresses - InternetNZ

Media Release - 28 July 2008 - InternetNZ (the Internet Society of New Zealand Inc) welcomes the first report of the World Internet Project New Zealand longitudinal study, released today. The study by AUT University involved 1500 Internet and non-Internet using New Zealanders, and complements studies undertaken in 28 countries over seven years.

InternetNZ Executive Director Keith Davidson congratulates AUT for getting the project underway and thanks the National Library for its significant funding of the project.

"The results of this survey will help in research and education and be of benefit to the ICT industry and consumers in New Zealand," he says. The survey looks extensively at who is using the Internet, how often and for what they are using it for, how the Internet compares to other communications, and enables a better understanding of issues such as the Digital Divide.

"It is very useful to have meaningful statistical information, where previously only opinion and anecdote existed. The value of the information will increase even further as more data is collected each year," says Davidson.

Even more useful and important from InternetNZ's perspective is the ability to compare New Zealand data to International data sets.

"We will be able to see how New Zealanders' use of the Internet compares to other countries, which will be vital input into policy decision-making."

For more information contact:

Keith Davidson

Executive Director


021 377 587
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