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InternetNZ appoints Acting CEO

Media Release – 24 April 2009 – InternetNZ (Internet New Zealand Inc) is pleased to announce the appointment of Richard Currey as Acting CEO.

The Acting CEO takes over the functions of the Executive Board, which was dissolved at the end of March.

Richard's contract runs until 31 July 2009. He is stepping down from his position as Chair of the DNCL Board, but remains as a member. Joy Liddicoat will take over as Acting Chair of the DNCL for the duration of Richard's CEO assignment.

Richard will be responsible for oversight of the staff and managing the work of the office of the Executive Director and the Shared Services Unit.

Executive Director Keith Davidson will continue to report to the President, and will liaise and work with staff as required on advocacy and policy work. He will continue to be the principal spokesperson for InternetNZ.

The DNCL and NZRS are not directly affected by this appointment.

For further information contact:

Peter Macaulay
021 488 485

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