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InternetNZ launches .nz awareness campaign

Media Release - 3 July 2009 - InternetNZ (Internet New Zealand Inc) is pleased to announce the launch of an online awareness campaign highlighting New Zealand’s domain name space.

The campaign, titled .nz is our home, emphasises the value that .nz domain names can deliver for New Zealanders, and raises awareness of the systems the InternetNZ Group has in place to protect the rights of domain name holders.

An online video series has been created, featuring people associated with a range of second level domains including,,,,,,, and

The videos will be advertised on key websites over the next three months.

The .nz is our home campaign was officially launched last night by InternetNZ President Peter Macaulay, who says it stresses the values that underpin InternetNZ.

The InternetNZ Group manages the .nz domain name system through the Domain Name Commission, and owns the .nz domain name registry - .nz Registry Services.

“Although the Domain Name Commission is the public face of .nz, it can't operate without the technical work of NZ Registry Services,” says Macaulay.

“We work as a group to ensure that those who register for .nz domain names have their rights protected, so they can benefit from and enjoy their unique address.

“This campaign is firmly targeted at those who use .nz domain names, helping them maximise the benefits of doing so. I encourage people to find out more by visiting the campaign website at: .”

For further information contact:

Peter Macaulay
021 488 485

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