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InternetNZ provides feedback on Broadband Investment Initiative

Media Release - 28 April 2009 - InternetNZ (Internet New Zealand Inc) has responded to the Government’s request for comment on its Broadband Investment Initiative, supporting the approach and providing feedback on a variety of policy, consultation and timing aspects.

“InternetNZ supports the broad approach outlined of an open access network providing dark fibre and some wholesale services,” says Executive Director Keith Davidson. “The regional approach of Local Fibre Companies funded through a centralised investment vehicle is appropriate.”

Davidson says the proposal to provide coverage to 75 percent of the population should be seen in the context of ultimately extending high speed connectivity to all New Zealanders.

Specific issues addressed by InternetNZ in its submission include:

*    Implementation detail should be released as soon as possible to allow for public feedback. Proper consultation or comment periods should also be included in the proposal’s timetable, to improve the prospects of a successful rollout.

*    InternetNZ supports open access being a fundamental aspect of the new network’s business arrangements. Open access will also need to be clearly defined.

*    Price regulation will be required at the outset to increase regulatory certainty and avoid delays for when SMP (significant market power) develops. An appropriate body should also be appointed for technical standards-setting.

*    InternetNZ has a strong preference for point-to-point network architecture. Local Fibre Companies (LFCs) should be able to provide wholesale services, particularly if PON network architectures are chosen.

*    InternetNZ would like to see a stronger separation between LFCs and vertically integrated incumbents.

InternetNZ submission:

For more information contact:

Keith Davidson
Executive Director
021 377 587



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