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InternetNZ supports Australasian Linux Conference

Media Release – 11 May 2009 - InternetNZ (Internet New Zealand Inc) is pleased to announce its leading sponsorship of 2010 (LCA2010).

The annual conference will be held in January 2010 in Wellington - the second time it has been held in New Zealand. It will bring together local and international open source practitioners who contribute to the Linux operating system and numerous other open source projects. Linux creator Linus Torvalds regularly attends this event.

InternetNZ Executive Director Keith Davidson says open source has played, and continues to play, a key role in achieving InternetNZ’s vision of an open and uncaptureable Internet.

“Every New Zealander that uses the Internet is an open source user. It's the backbone of almost everything business and government does these days. If you want to get close to the people that have built the core technology of the 21st century, you go to conferences like LCA2010. I'm thrilled it is being held right on our doorstep."

"It is particularly timely that LCA2010 is being held in Wellington. Government agencies have been caught up in something of a technical monoculture, leading to missed opportunity and detachment from key transformations that the Internet has enabled. Any IT staff in the public sector unfamiliar with open source would get a huge boost talking with technical folk that have enjoyed the freedom of unfettered global collaboration."

As part of its mission, InternetNZ seeks to improve technical knowledge and capability in New Zealand and has in recent years sponsored and hosted other such international technical fora. Our sponsorship of LCA2010 is in expectation that a significant proportion of attendees will be New Zealanders and for the benefits that will accrue to the country and its Internet infrastructure.

“We are delighted to be a significant sponsor of LCA2010. Even if you are new to open source, attending this event will help build your technical skills and understanding of how open source works,” says Davidson.

Further conference details can be found at

For more information contact:

Keith Davidson

Executive Director


021 377 587

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