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InternetNZ supports ISOC France in fighting termination

Media Release - 4 March 2009 - InternetNZ (Internet New Zealand Inc) expresses its support for ISOC France against the introduction of draconian laws intended to cut people off the Internet based on mere allegations of copyright infringement.

Executive Director Keith Davidson says a previous New Zealand Government tried to impose a similar regime to that being proposed for France.

New Zealand’s Section 92A legislation was delayed following resistance from a number of parties including InternetNZ and a new group called the Creative Freedom Foundation (CFF), which represents artists.

CFF’s motto is “not in our name” and refers to the artists’ position in respect of assumption of “guilt upon accusation” that the legislation sought to impose. Their “blackout” campaign took off last week across social networking websites such as Facebook, MySpace and Twitter.

In New Zealand major copyright holders and Internet Service Providers continue to discuss a possible Code of Practice that might address both parties’ concerns.

InternetNZ continues to expose the inappropriateness of ISPs terminating Internet accounts as a response to unrelated copyright issues, and highlights the high level of punishment it represents as well as the potential for abuse and malicious complaints.

Davidson says “provisions that allow the cutting off the Internet access of users due to unproven allegations of copyright infringement are disproportionate and unfit for purpose.

This would appear to be an attempt to prop up a business model that has not been able to adapt to the Internet and where they are seeking legislative solution to aid their failing business model.”

Davidson notes there are substantial technical issues with such laws: identifying infringers can be problematic; it is easy to reconnect elsewhere; and determined infringers will simply use encryption, anonymous identities, pirated wireless links, and other technical methods to escape detection.

“This will simply become a technological arms race with the bad guys, while leaving Internet and Internet-based voice service users, both home and business, to be cut off from their families, friends and business acquaintances based on mere allegations.”

Odile Ambry, President of ISOC France, thanks InternetNZ for its actions and its support and says: “Last September, 14 European Chapters of ISOC opposed the internet cut-off scheme that the proposed French draft law intends to introduce. New Zealand delayed a similar provision only a few days before it was due to come into force and time was given for broader consultation. We call for the French government to follow suit in order to find solutions fitting the new digital world.”


InternetNZ is a non-profit organisation dedicated to protecting and promoting the Internet in New Zealand. InternetNZ is an organisational member of ISOC.

ISOC France is the French Chapter of the Internet Society (ISOC). ISOC World is an international organisation with 85 national Chapters and 24,000 members across 180 countries.

For more information contact:

Keith Davidson

InternetNZ Executive Director

+64 21 377 587


Charles Simon

ISOC France Vice-President


+33 6 20 23 49 41

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