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Suppression debate shows importance of Seminar

Media Release - 17 November 2009 - The Law Commission report "Suppressing Names and Evidence" released on Monday is expected to come under intense scrutiny at the December seminar on law and the Internet to be jointly hosted by InternetNZ, the Law Commission and the Ministry of Justice.

InternetNZ spokesperson Jordan Carter notes in particular that recommendation R. 26 of the report says ISPs and content hosts who know about a breach of suppression but do not block access to the content should face criminal sanctions.

"The recommendation leaves plenty of room for debate about how far it extends. Is the idea that ISPs should only block access to or remove material that they host on their servers?"

"Or is the Commission proposing that New Zealand ISPs should try to develop and roll out the ability to block any material anywhere on the Internet if it is suppressed in New Zealand?

"A further question arises regarding who can tell ISPs they should block access to material. Is it an officer of the Court, or any member of the public?

Carter notes that Recommendation R.26 is just one of the matters relating to suppression and contempt on the Internet that will be debated at the Seminar, entitled R v the Internet, which will be held in Wellington on December 3. 

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