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InternetNZ tackles peering issue - welcomes Telecom's initiative

Media Release 3 April 2007 InternetNZ is undertaking a series of consultations with industry, government and other stakeholders to address issues around peering and local interconnection.

As the
telecommunications regulatory environment improves it is timely to look at
other ways to improve the internet infrastructure. The issue of peering was
firmly put back on the agenda by the Minister of Communications at the New
Zealand Foo Camp meeting earlier this year.
is sponsoring a team of external experts headed by independent IT consultant Dr
Murray Milner. This team has begun consultation with industry stakeholders
including telecommunications firms, ISPs, content providers, and government
agencies. The aim is to facilitate discussion and industry approaches and
solutions to peering and interconnection issues. 
Last week
Telecom proposed a form of local interconnection that would provide for local
exchange of internet traffic using peered bi-lateral links at 29 geographic
Dr Milner
says the peering team welcomes Telecom's input. "We look forward to
working with Telecom and other stakeholders in the industry, government and
community to determine whether this is a solution, or is one of several
solutions to the issues."
is the exchange of data between providers without charging each other for
traffic. It is often done at a central internet exchange but can also be done
through bi-lateral connections. Peered local interconnection is about
connecting at a local or regional level for the free exchange of data within
that region.For
further information contact:Dr Murray
Milner0274 430 
Director - InternetNZ021 377

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