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InternetNZ welcomes public park spectrum release

Media Release April 5, 2007 InternetNZ welcomes the release of “public park” radio spectrum announced by the Minister of Communications David Cunliffe today. This will be beneficial for ISPs , business users, and others.

The availability of 5.4 and 60GHz under the General User
Radio Licence opens up more opportunity for low cost wireless services. It does
not require a licence fee to use.“The allocation of 60GHz spectrum is particularly good news
because the nature of 60Ghz spectrum and the technology associated with it
means there is a huge mount of reusability and therefore economic efficiency,”
says InternetNZ councillor Jamie Baddeley.60GHz connections provide for highly directional radio that
can provide point-to-point extremely high capacity links as fast as 1Gbit/s
over a short range.“We think that this spectrum allocation aligns particularly
well with other superb government initiatives such as the Government Shared
Network and Kiwi Advanced Research and Education Network,” says Baddeley.InternetNZ congratulates the MED on the process it went
through to release the spectrum. “We support the process the way MED consulted
with not only the recognized experts but also the broader industry. We thank
them for allowing Internetnz and it members to provide feedback and note the
policy decision aligns with our submission.”
For further information contact:
Jamie BaddeleyCouncillorInternetNZ021 448 309

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