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InternetNZ announces election results

Media Release – July 31, 2007 – InternetNZ (The Internet Society of New Zealand) announces official results in this year’s InternetNZ Council elections.

Peter Macaulay has been elected InternetNZ’s
new President, for a two-year term. Macaulay is a former InternetNZ Councillor and
has served in the past as Executive Director.

Long-standing InternetNZ Councillor and Fellow of the
Society Frank March has been elected Vice President and will hold this position
for a two-year term. The election of March to the Vice President position
creates a vacancy on Council, and a by-election to fill his position will commence
later this week.

Judy Speight has been re-elected
to the Councillor position she has held since December 2006. Five new faces - Liz
Butterfield, Hamish McEwen, Stewart Fleming, Michael Foley and Scott Bartlett -
have been elected to serve as InternetNZ Councillors.

All new and re-elected Councillors
will serve two year terms, except Bartlett who fills a vacancy created by the
resignation of Councillor Michael Sutton earlier this year and will serve a
one-year term.

is delighted with his election as President. He says InternetNZ has been doing
an incredibly good job in its business-as-usual .nz Registry and Office of the
Domain Name Commissioner functions and will work to continue that momentum.

“The organisation will also continue to keep its eyes and ears open and do
all it can to ensure more and better connectivity in New Zealand,” he says.

Outgoing President Colin Jackson,
Vice President David Farrar and Councillors’ Simon Riley, Mark Harris and
Jennifer Northover officially stood down from their positions at InternetNZ’s Annual
General Meeting, held last week.

The Annual General Meeting also saw members vote for
constitutional changes which will see some modification to InternetNZ’s
organisational structure.

InternetNZ Executive Director
Keith Davidson acknowledges the valuable contribution made to the Society by
the outgoing Council members and warmly congratulates the newly-elected President,
Vice President and six Councillors.

“The InternetNZ staff and I are looking
forward to working with the new-look Council to progress a significant range of
issues now being focused on by the Society, including ongoing telecommunications
and broadband policy reform, peering and anti-spam initiatives.”

 For more information contact:

Keith Davidson
Executive Director
021 377 587

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