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ISP Spam Code of Practice launched

Joint Media Release - September 5, 2007 - InternetNZ (The Internet Society of New Zealand Inc), the TCF (Telecommunications Carriers’ Forum), the Marketing Association, and ISPANZ (The ISP Association of New Zealand) are pleased to announce the release of the ISP Spam Code of Practice.

The Code outlines Internet Service Provider commitments in the fight against spam, under a self-regulatory model. It establishes best practices and procedures relating to spam email including spam complaint handling procedures.The Code has been endorsed by each of the above organisations and is being circulated for individual Internet service providers (ISPs) and telecommunications firms to sign.It was produced in a parallel process to the development of the Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act, by a working group involving InternetNZ, TCF and the Marketing Association. Input was sought from New Zealand’s ISP community, government agencies, and other interested parties, and it went through a public consultation process.InternetNZ Executive Director Keith Davidson says the Code is a key component in the overall fight against spam, along with regulation, education, and cooperation with international enforcement agencies.“As the vast majority of spam in New Zealand comes from overseas servers, and therefore beyond the scope of the legislation, it is unlikely consumers will see any significant reduction in spam. But it is critical that New Zealand plays its part legislatively and technically to reduce the incidence of spam.”TCF independent chair Malcolm Alexander says “This inter-agency effort to reduce spam parallels recent telecommunications industry projects where cooperation has been critical to success, and where there are benefits for consumers and businesses throughout New Zealand. This type of teamwork is really essential in the modern global marketplace.” Marketing Association chief executive Keith Norris says “This Code is a great example of business organisations working together. Marketing and technology go hand in hand these days and it’s absolutely vital to set best-practice standards for all elements of marketing communications.”ISPANZ President Jamie Baddeley says “We think that this is an important step towards a more robust Internet. The ISP Spam Code of Practice establishes a good baseline to build upon. ISPANZ endorse the Code, as we see it as one of the many ways for New Zealand to say that we're doing the right thing here."The ISP Code of Practice can be found at the following link: information on the fight against spam is available and more information contact:Keith DavidsonExecutive DirectorInternetNZ021 377 AlexanderIndependent ChairTelecommunications Carriers’ Forum021 737 NorrisChief ExecutiveMarketing Association 027 497 BaddeleyPresidentISPANZ021 448

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