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ISP Spam Code of Practice released for public consultation

Media Release - 21 May 2007 - InternetNZ (The Internet Society of New Zealand) today released the ISP Spam Code of Practice for public consultation.

The Code is posted on the InternetNZ website at the following address: weeks have been allowed for comment to be received, with a deadline of 9am Monday 18 June.The Code has been prepared by a working group comprising representatives of the Telecommunications Carriers’ Forum, the Marketing Association, and InternetNZ.InternetNZ executive director Keith Davidson says the preparation of the Code is an excellent example of how the industry is working together to fight a common enemy.“Spam is clogging up our inboxes, soaking up our bandwidth, and providing vectors for scams and malware.”. “The ISP Spam Code of Practice recognises that Service Providers can assist in the minimisation of Spam through their technical approach, by being a first port of call for information and complaints from internet users, and by working with law enforcement agencies.The ISP Spam Code of Practice is complementary to the Government’s Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act in that it outlines the responsibilities of ISPs under a self-regulatory model. This was anticipated in the passing of the Act. It is planned that the Code will go live on the same date as the Act of 5 September 2007.It is also complementary to the Marketing Association’s Code of Practice for Direct Marketing, the TCF’s SMS Ant-Spam Code and the TCF’s Customer Complaints Code.For more information contact:Keith DavidsonExecutive Director - InternetNZ021 377 587,

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