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InternetNZ welcomes Operational Separation Determination

Media Release - September 26, 2007 - InternetNZ (the Internet Society of New Zealand Inc) welcomes the Government’s Operational Separation Determination, released today by Minister of Communications David Cunliffe.

Executive director Keith Davidson says “This is another important milestone in the leveling of the playing field for the telecommunications industry. The Government is to be congratulated for its bold move to proceed with the operational separation plan largely as originally envisaged. “Separation of the network, wholesale and retail arms provides the correct incentives for the three divisions for their future. The critical aspects of Equivalence of Inputs have been embraced, along with strong independence requirements in the Oversight Group. “While the determination sets a tight timeframe, it is clear that Telecom and the Government will be working in a spirit of cooperation to ensure the plan’s success by separation day. “InternetNZ looks forward to working with Telecom as it continues to develop its business model for our new telecommunications environment.” InternetNZ President Pete Macaulay says InternetNZ is very happy with the Minister's decision to deliver Operational Separation of Telecom NZ. “This positive approach to the telecommunication issues facing all New Zealanders will drive real benefits into the market for innovative and cost effective network products and services.” For more information contact: Keith DavidsonExecutive DirectorInternetNZ021 377

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