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InternetNZ launches public consultation on Internet peering

Media Release - November 7, 2007 - InternetNZ (the Internet Society of New Zealand Inc) today launches a public consultation on Internet peering, a subject that relates to the performance and reliability of the Internet. This follows the release of a report commissioned by the Society entitled “Issues regarding Internet peering and interconnection in New Zealand”.

Some key issues identified in the report include conflicting
interpretations of the term peering, cost of transit, lack of reliable
internet traffic data and statistics and the challenges faced by content
providers. InternetNZ invites comments on any issues presented in the report and
what further steps should be considered in progressing peering and data
interconnection issues in New Zealand. A consultation document is attached and submissions have been invited
either by email in response to that document, or at the website, where comments can be attached to the
individual questions. The mission of InternetNZ is to protect and promote the Internet in New
Zealand. InternetNZ is a public policy advocate for Internet and
telecommunications issues that further an open and uncaptureable Internet. InternetNZ promotes neutral peering and neutral peering exchanges on the
basis that it provides diversity for the Internet network and assists in
improving network performance. For further information contact:Richard Wood
Senior Communications and Research Officer
027 4974 837

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