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InternetNZ welcomes release of Internet survey

Media Release – 19 December 2007 - InternetNZ (the Internet Society of New Zealand Inc) welcomes the release of preliminary results from the World Internet Project (WIP) New Zealand Survey.

InternetNZ is contributing to funding the WIP New Zealand Survey, which is part of an international research initiative that aims to track global trends in Internet use. The survey is being conducted by Auckland University of Technology’s Institute of Culture, Discourse & Communication.

Preliminary results from the 2007 New Zealand survey, released today, have found that Internet access and usage in New Zealand is strongly related to age, income and area of residence.

The survey also found that the Internet rates higher than traditional media as an information source, and New Zealand users are active in generating Internet content and using the Internet for participating in social activities.    

InternetNZ has been an enthusiastic supporter of the World Internet Project since 2006 when the Society sponsored WIP’s California-based Project Director Jeffrey Cole to come to New Zealand to talk about the project.  

Executive Director Keith Davidson describes the World Internet Project as a significant piece of international research that, over time, will prove useful in comparing Internet trends in New Zealand with those in other countries.

“The first results are useful, highlighting some interesting aspects of New Zealand’s digital divide. For instance, the Pasifika community tends to be behind other ethnic groups in engagement with the Internet, whereas Maori and Pakeha exhibit greater levels of engagement and Asians the highest level of engagement.”

“Full survey results are expected to be available mid-2008. We will follow this project with interest and look to use the results to create a solid base for development of sound initiatives towards increased and better use of technology.

“InternetNZ is delighted to see the World Internet Project reach the conclusion of stage one with its inaugural New Zealand survey and congratulates AUT on its progress to-date,” says Davidson.

For more information contact:

Keith Davidson

Executive Director


021 377 587
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