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InternetNZ Media Releases - pre 2005.

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News Item Real competition needed to broaden our horizons
Colin Jackson, INZ President, wrote the following Opinion Piece for the Dominion Post.
News Item Advancing Telecommunications Services for New Zealand in the 21st Century
This document is a draft submission developing InternetNZ’s views on a path ahead for the regulation of the telecommunications sector over the next few years. Once finalised it will be lodged with the New Zealand government as a statement of where the Society would like to see change in the current regulatory framework in the sector.
News Item Scholarships for Studying Computing
InternetNZ is proud to be a co-sponsor of twelve scholarships of $2,500 each, targeted at three different levels. The scholarships are being awarded in conjunction with the NZ Computer Society, IBM NZ Ltd, Computing NZ Ltd, and ITCRA.
News Item ICANN do acronyms - a quick guide
A quick guide to common acronyms encountered at an ICANN meeting
News Item ISCONZ Vote for New Second Level Domain
6 March 2001 In an exciting development for the Internet in New Zealand, the Internet Society of New Zealand is moving into Stage Three of a public consultation process to determine whether to create a new Second Level Domain Name for the ".nz" namespace.
News Item InternetNZ Internet Filtering Software no Sub for Adult Supervision
The issue of children's safety on the Internet was discussed as a part of the Internet Society of New Zealand's consultations on the proposed Crimes Amendment Bill #6. "The Society is conscious that adults are concerned that children can potentially access material, including pornographic material, on the Internet that they would be legally prevented from seeing elsewhere", said Society Executive Director Sue Leader. "The technology is improving, but at this stage the best protection for children is still adult supervision".
News Item InternetNZ Country Code Top Level Domains to Change Relationship
New Zealand (".nz") delegates voted in favour of changing the current relationship Country Code Top Level Domains (ccTLD's) have with ICANN (the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), the global body charged with the technical management of the Internet. At the latest meeting of ICANN held from June 1-4 in Stockholm, the 41 ccTLD's in attendance voted unanimously to move away from the current structure which has all ccTLD's as one of seven 'constituencies' within the Domain Name Supporting Organisation (DNSO). This withdrawal is seen as the next step in the process of forming a new stand-alone Supporting Organisation tentatively named the Country Code Supporting Organisation (ccSO). This decision results from over eighteen months of work by the ccTLD Constituency, with ISOCNZ Chair Peter Dengate Thrush, having played a key role in the process.
News Item InternetNZ Four New Zealanders Honoured
Four New Zealanders were honored by InternetNZ at the Society's AGM on Friday. InternetNZ (formerly the Internet Society of New Zealand) created four new Fellows in recognition of their services to the development of the Internet in New Zealand. Those honoured were Rex Croft, formerly of Waikato University, Dr Frank March, Ministry of Economic Development; Donald Neil, Telecom NZ; and Neil James, Otago University.
News Item InternetNZ - Biz Info
.biz & .info Confusion
News Item InternetNZ Announced New Council
Keith Davidson, the former Treasurer of InternetNZ (the Internet Society of New Zealand), was elected unanimously to the Chair of InternetNZ at the Council's first meeting on Friday. Davidson, General Manager of the Wairarapa Times-Age newspaper, has been a Councillor of the Society since 1998, and the Treasurer for the entire period. His involvement with the Internet dates from the early 1980's, though he admits to major participation mainly since 1994. Davidson is a key figure in WISE-net, a small Wairarapa ISP owned by the Wairarapa Times-Age, and he is a member of a variety of Boards.
News Item InternetNZ Leads on Internet2
InternetNZ is calling on the creative community to assist in the development of creative applications for Internet 2. "It's imagination not infrastructure which is going to drive the demand for applications that Internet 2 will be able offer." said InternetNZ Chair Keith Davidson
News Item InternetNZ Potential High Tech'y Cost to Early Daylight Savings Proposal
InternetNZ (formerly the Internet Society of New Zealand) has been following with interest a proposal to bring forward the start of daylight saving, noting that there are some power savings made when daylight saving begins.
News Item InternetNZ Concerned over Breadth of New Computer Crimes
InternetNZ, which made extensive submissions to the Select Committee that considered the Crimes Amendment Act No 6 Bill, has expressed its concern over the breadth of two new offences which have been added to the Bill.
News Item InternetNZ Refers Internet Names Group to Commerce Commission
InternetNZ is today asking the Commerce Commission to investigate the letters sent to many .nz domain name holders by the Australian based Internet Name Group (ING).
News Item InternetNZ Internet Industry Leaders Forum
The leaders of New Zealand's Internet Industry will gather to review industry Self-regulation issues in the light of New Zealand's changing legislative environment at the end of November. The "New Zealand Internet Industry Forum" takes place in Auckland on November 29 and 30 at the Ellerslie Novotel.
News Item InternetNZ Outcome of poll
91.7% of the voters in the public consultation over "" support the creation of the new second level domain. "The result of the Straw Poll is unprecedented, with over 1600 members of the New Zealand Internet community voting online," said Sue Leader, Executive Director of InternetNZ. This compares with just under 400 voters in last year's proposal to create "", which only gained 65% support. "We believe that both the numbers voting, and the level of support, indicates the keen interest in the Internet as a development tool for Maori." she said.
News Item Appointment of Domain Name Commissioner
InternetNZ is delighted to announce it has appointed Debbie Monahan as the inaugural Domain Name Commissioner. This appointment is a significant milestone in the development of the Internet in New Zealand with Ms Monahan taking responsibility for the day to day oversight of the operation of the .nz domain name registration and management system.
News Item New Second Level Domain - approved
The Council of InternetNZ unanimously endorsed the creation of the new second level domain '' at its meeting today. The approval marks the creation of the first new second level domain in the New Zealand namespace since 1996.
News Item Public Comment Invited for Second Level Domain Proposal - 2002
InternetNZ (The Internet Society of New Zealand Inc) has begun public consultation on a second proposal to create a new second level domain in New Zealand. If successful, the proposal from the New Zealand Bankers Association for the creation of the "" would only be the second new Second Level Domain created in New Zealand since 1996. The Banker's Association proposal was received as the proposal from the New Zealand Maori Internet Society to create "" reached a successful conclusion.
News Item Launches September 5
InternetNZ will launch the new Second Level Domain, '', moments after the 11:00am zonepush on September 5 2002. InternetNZ President Keith Davidson noted that there were two firsts in relation to the launch of '' - it is the first new Second Level Domain in the New Zealand namespace since 1996, and the first indigenous people's space on the global Internet.
News Item Collaborating at Speed: NZ Next Generation Internet Feasibility
The NGI (Next Generation Internet) Steering Group of InternetNZ, with support from Cisco, University of Otago, and Industry NZ has released the final report entitled Collaborating at Speed : Innovation Infrastructure for a Knowledge Economy which investigated the establishment of a Next Generation Internet network for New Zealand.
News Item Internet NZ Opens Vote on proposal
InternetNZ invites all interested people to participate in an online poll on the proposal to create a new second level domain - "". The poll opens near midnight on November 3 and is open to all New Zealand residents - for full details go to
News Item InternetNZ to Farewell Executive Director
After four and a half years as Executive Director of InternetNZ, Sue Leader has decided to move on to new challenges.
News Item Hacking Issues need to be put ito perspective
December 1998 The Internet Society of New Zealand is seeking to have the recent media focus on "hacking" (more correctly called "cracking") of Internet Providers put into perspective.
News Item Internet Pioneers Honoured at ISOCNZ Inaugural Fellowship Awards
ISOCNZ (The Internet Society of NZ Inc) has honoured three key pioneers of the Internet in New Zealand by awarding them its inaugural Fellowships.
News Item Summit in Auckland 30 April 1999
Ernst & Young New Zealand share the concerns of the Internet Society of New Zealand over the future management of New Zealand’s domain name system.They have how joined forces and are partnered with IHUG to host an urgent summit that has been called in Auckland on 30 April 1999.
News Item Wellington Audio Venue for Internet Summit
News Item Telecom Charging Announcement
"The Internet Society of NZ Inc views with concern Telecom's announcement yesterday of the introduction of changes to the charging regime for Internet access" said Chair Jim Higgins today.
News Item ICANN Berlin Meeting - Internet Governance
Between the 24th and 28th May in Berlin, a series of meetings between international organisations struggled to put together the 'new Internet'. These discussions have been going on around the World now for some eighteen to twenty months, but at last some order is emerging from the chaos.
News Item New Zealanders Appointed to World Internet Bodies
"New Zealand's effective voice in the arena of international Internet governance changes has been recognised by the appointment of two New Zealander's to important international Internet bodies" said Sue Leader, the Executive Director of the Internet Society of New Zealand today. "We feel the appointment of Wellington Barrister Peter Dengate Thrush to the Working Group of the Domain Name Supporting Organisation of ICANN (the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) and the secondment of Andy Linton, of Netlink Corporate Internet Specialists to the Internet Governance Committee of the Association for Computing Machinery pays tribute to the years of work of both men have put into an open and accessible Internet for everyone," Leader said.
News Item ISOCNZ Debates Telecom Internet Changes
The Internet Society of New Zealand (ISOCNZ) is today consulting it's members on the final position stakeholders wish to take on the changes announced recently by Telecom. "After some delays in getting all the appropriate people around the table, The Internet Society and Telecom held productive discussions last Friday" said Executive Director, Sue Leader.
News Item Political Parties Attitudes to Internet - Web site Established
ISOCNZ has today announced that it has established a web site providing information about the policies of the political parties towards the Internet. A questionnaire was sent to all parties in April with a list of questions relating to the use of the Internet by a large and growing number of New Zealanders.
News Item ISOCNZ Opposes Telecom Stance on Kiwishare
The Internet Society of New Zealand (ISOCNZ) is asking the Government to make clear that the Kiwi Share applies to all local calls, not just those which Telecom decides upon.ISOCNZ has written to Sir William Birch to ask for a ruling on whether the Kiwi Share includes data calls or is limited to voice calls only, as Telecom NZasserts. "Our position is clear - we believe that Telecom is wrong to attemptto exclude data calls from KiwiShare and we oppose any such suggestion.KiwiShare guarantees free local calling for New Zealanders," said Jim Higgins, ISOCNZ's chair.
News Item ISOCNZ concerned for future of kiwi share
ISOCNZ is deeply concerned about the future of Telecom's Kiwi Share obligation after a meeting between the Hon Sir William Birch, the Kiwi Shareholder, and representatives of the Internet Society of New Zealand yesterday.
News Item Proposal to Create fails to Meet Support Threshold
The proposal to create a new second level domain, '', failed today at the second stage of the public consultation process. "There were 481 votes cast, but the proposal only gained 56% support, well short of the 70% level required to move onto the next stage." said InternetNZ Executive Director Sue Leader.
News Item InternetNZ Consults on Final Second Level Domain -
InternetNZ, through the Office of the Domain Name Commissioner, is calling for public discussion regarding the request for a new second level domain name of ''. Discussion is open for a period of 60-90 days from 5 December 2002. "This is the last proposal received before a moratorium on new proposals was imposed by the Society in August this year." said InternetNZ Executive Director, Sue Leader.
News Item InternetNZ Response to the NZ Digital Strategy Consultation
Following our initial messages and a useful meeting with the ICTNZ group in Auckland, we have broad acceptance for ICTUS. We agreed that should an industry wide group with a broader brief than ICTUS come into being, then ICTUS should merge into it. In the meantime we are clear to launch.
News Item InternetNZ Sponsors Industry Subs Secretariat
This week, a new facility for the ICT Industry was launched in the form of the ICT Unified Submissions secretariat (ICTUS). Sponsored initially by InternetNZ, ICTUS has been created to provide a centralised place for ICT Industry submissions to Government to be collated and unified into a single ‘Industry View’.
News Item Appointment of NZDNRL Directors
New Zealand Domain Name Registry Ltd (NZDNRL) Director Requirements
News Item ICANN Wellington 2006
InternetNZ is hosting the ICANN Conference in Wellington in March 2006.
News Item New Zealander elected to ICANN Board
InternetNZ (The Internet Society of New Zealand) is delighted that its immediate past-president, Peter Dengate-Thrush, has been elected to the board of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). Dengate-Thrush, a Wellington based barrister, was president of InternetNZ from 1999 to 2001, and chairs its international affairs committee. He is also the president of the Asia-Pacific Top Level Domain Association.
News Item ISOCNZ and Internet Service Providers to Draw up Draft Code of Practice
7 July 1996 - There is significant interest in the growing availability of internet services to a wide range of people and organisations
News Item Major Internet Policy Meeting to be held in Wgtn '06
The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has just announced that its March 2006 meeting will be held in Wellington, New Zealand.
Document DSL Adds 24 million Global subscribers
Document UNDP-ARDIP Announce Internet Governance Survey
Document Implementation Review of Telcom Act 2001
Document Vanuatu to Host Pacific Internet Conference
Document InternetNZ welcomes anti-spam legislation
Document New Zealander elected to ICANN Board
Document InternetNZ Sponsors Industry Subs Secretariat
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