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UNDP-ARDIP Announce Internet Governance Survey

Major regional survey on Internet governance


All stakeholder groups are encouraged to participate, the online questionnaire is available in twelve languages: take a few minutes to register your views and support the survey outreach.

Background and objectives

UNDP-APDIP, in cooperation with UNESCAP and APNIC, is conducting a major survey on Internet policy issues in the entire Asia-Pacific region. The survey intends to reach out to all stakeholder groups, public and private sector, Internet developers and industry, as well as civil society and normal Internet users. This will provide a good overview of what the priorities in Internet policy are in your own countries, and how they vary for different stakeholders and across countries. The results of the survey will be conveyed to the UN Working Group on Internet Governance and will also help us at UNDP-APDIP to focus our own research and capacity building activities in Internet governance on priority topics.

How to participate

The survey can be completed online in a few minutes and will be open for three weeks until February 26. Maximum outreach is key to the success of this effort, so we have made the online questionnaire available in twelve major languages of the region.

You can access the English version at , which also contains links to all other languages. Alternatively you can go directly to one of other language versions at the links below.

How to make this survey a success

In order to get the word out and reach all stakeholder groups in all countries, we very much depend on local partners. May we ask for your help in this regard? It would be immensely valuable, if you could make your colleagues/members aware of this survey and encourage them to participate. So please do forward this announcement widely.

Please Note
The survey is for residents of the Asia-Pacific region only. Non-English language versions of the questionnaire require language support for the respective character sets to be installed on your computer system.

Links to other languages:


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