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Collaborating at Speed: NZ Next Generation Internet Feasibility

The NGI (Next Generation Internet) Steering Group of InternetNZ, with support from Cisco, University of Otago, and Industry NZ has released the final report entitled Collaborating at Speed : Innovation Infrastructure for a Knowledge Economy which investigated the establishment of a Next Generation Internet network for New Zealand.

Collaborating at Speed is the result of a three month long
feasibility study which examined in detail the need for the
establishment of a NGI network for New Zealand. Over 60 potential
private and public sector stakeholder organizations were canvassed as
part of the study, including the tertiary education and research
community as well as key industry sectors highlighted in the Central
Government's "Growth and Innovation Strategy Report - Creative Sector ,
Biotech and ICT."
New Zealand is unique among its key trading partners as well OECD
member countries in not having an advanced research and development
network to support the development of Next Generation Internet services
which typically utilize connectivity at speeds upwards of 2.5
Gigabit/sec. By contrast ADSL broadband services operate at speeds of
up to 1.5Megabit/sec
The vision for NGI expressed in the Report declared that the
establishment of NGI for New Zealand was essential "for an innovative
and globally-connected economy, with state of the art national internet
infrastructure delivering bandwidth at capacities and prices that
encourage collaboration, and stimulate researchers and entrepreneurs to
seek new challenges and business opportunities."
Key recommendations from the Report include:

the establishment of an integrated Advanced Network for
Research, Innovation and Education open to all private and public
sector stakeholders and not restricted to the research and tertiary
education communities. Proposed requirements call for a national NGI
network, offering connectivity at 2.5 Gbit/sec to all major centres to
be established within 12 months, with expansion to regional centres to
that an NGI Consortium be formed immediately to
develop an appropriate governance and management structure for the
establishment of a New Zealand NGI network
funding for
the NGI network to be achieved through a private-public sector
partnership with Central Government taking a key stakeholder role
establishment of NGI Application Working Groups focusing on the
following priorities and industry sectors: - Creative, Biotechnology,
Tele-health, AgriTech, ICT, Education and e-Learning, and NGI
an NGI funding assistance programme sponsored by Central Government to stimulate NGI application development.

Recommendations from the report Collaborating at Speed were
endorsed at a national stakeholders meeting hosted in Wellington on
September 19 and included attendees from Auckland, Hamilton,
Christchurch, and Dunedin utilizing a national video conferencing link-
Feedback from the stakeholders meeting included unanimous support
for a recommendation regarding the need for an non restrictive
acceptable use policy (AUP). NGI networks elsewhere are typically
bounded by restrictive AUP's allowing only for non commercial traffic.
Equally important was the priority for Central Government research
funding agencies to direct financial assistance specifically targeting
the development of NGI applications . It has been noted that ICT only
accounts for approximately $10 million, or less than 3%, in total
research funding.
The key outcome from the stakeholders meeting is the commitment by
NGI Steering Group to facilitate the establishment of an NGI consortium
within two months to implement the key recommendations of the Report
including the possibility of building a third network or national
backbone linking gigapops planned for all the major centres
The Report and further information regarding the NGI consortium,
including an application and proposed governance rules, is available
from InternetNZ or online at
Video of stakeholders meeting:
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