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InternetNZ to Farewell Executive Director

After four and a half years as Executive Director of InternetNZ, Sue Leader has decided to move on to new challenges.

Sue was contracted to be InternetNZ's inaugural Executive Director
in 1998 and has been an instrumental part of InternetNZ's growth during
that time.
"InternetNZ will miss Sue's contribution hugely" said InternetNZ President Keith Davidson.
"She has overseen a huge period of change for InternetNZ as we have
grown from a volunteer body with no staff and $30,000 income to a
professionally managed society which owns two companies and as a group
turns over $5 million a year."
"Sue has built up excellent relationships with our stakeholders both
domestically and internationally and we will be working hard to make
sure we maintain these."
"I have been privileged to work at the crux of development of the
Internet in New Zealand, including the social policy, legislative, and
technical arenas, during my time with InternetNZ." Sue Leader said. "I
am looking forward to taking on new projects, especially those which
promote the core values I share with InternetNZ in extending Kiwi
participation in the global Internet." Sue will finish up with
InternetNZ at the end of December and over the next two months she will
be working with InternetNZ Officers in the recruitment of her successor.
For further information please contact:
Keith Davidson, President, InternetNZ, ph 04 472 1600
Sue Leader, Executive Director, InternetNZ, ph 04 472 1600
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Last updated 14 November 2002

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