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InternetNZ Consults on Final Second Level Domain -

InternetNZ, through the Office of the Domain Name Commissioner, is calling for public discussion regarding the request for a new second level domain name of ''. Discussion is open for a period of 60-90 days from 5 December 2002. "This is the last proposal received before a moratorium on new proposals was imposed by the Society in August this year." said InternetNZ Executive Director, Sue Leader.

"InternetNZ doesn't prejudge any proposal, but we're all aware that
this one will generate plenty of debate, and there is unlikely to be
much middle ground." Leader said. "To the proposers, to be called a
geek by one's peers is to receive a high accolade as it acknowledges
technical expertise and competence. To others, the label geek conjures
up images of pocket protectors and slide-rules. Clearly this difference
in perception will influence the discussion." she concluded.
Discussion will be open for at least 60 days (until 2 February 2003)
but the period may end earlier than 90 days (4 March 2003) if, in the
opinion of the Domain Name Commissioner, substantive discussion has
ceased. Anyone who is interested in participating in the discussion is
encouraged to read the proposal, which can be found at
The moratorium on proposals for new second level domains was set by
the Society to allow the Domain Name Commissioner to undertake a
consultative review of the process for creating new second level
domains. "It's time for a second look as the whole environment has
changed on the Internet. What looked appropriately open and
consultative in 1997, looks overly complex and lengthy in 2002. Some
people think we should do away with second level domains entirely, so
the consultation should be at least as interesting as the ''
discussion," Leader said.
If successful, '' would become the twelfth second level
domain in New Zealand, and join '' as the only new one since
the current process was established in 1997.
The proposers have established their own website at:
For further information please contact:Z
Sue Leader, InternetNZ ph 04 472 1600 or 021 673 300
or the Proposers:
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Last updated 09 December 2002

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