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Major Internet Policy Meeting to be held in Wgtn '06

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has just announced that its March 2006 meeting will be held in Wellington, New Zealand.

ICANN, a private sector organisation, has responsibility for
co-ordinating policy relating to Internet domain names and IP
addresses.   A number of countries bid to host ICANN meetings, and
InternetNZ, the .nz country code manager, was the successful bidder for
the March 2006 meeting.  
"We are delighted that we will be having this opportunity to host an
ICANN meeting." said Executive Director Pete Macaulay.   "It will
provide a great opportunity for New Zealanders to attend, without the
cost of overseas travel.
It also will bring to New Zealand over 500 of the leading people
involved with the Internet including ICANN Chairman and "Father of the
Internet", TCP/IP co-creator Vint Cerf."   The meeting will be
held from the 27th to the 31st of March 2006, and will primarily be at
the Wellington Convention Centre and the Duxton Hotel.  
InternetNZ President Keith Davidson, who chaired the bid committee,
said "InternetNZ is looking forward to the challenge of organising this
major event, which in fact is not just one meeting, but a collection of
around 20 separate but related meetings for registries, registrars,
country code managers, intellectual property lawyers, Internet users,
and Government representatives."
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