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InternetNZ Response to the NZ Digital Strategy Consultation

Following our initial messages and a useful meeting with the ICTNZ group in Auckland, we have broad acceptance for ICTUS. We agreed that should an industry wide group with a broader brief than ICTUS come into being, then ICTUS should merge into it. In the meantime we are clear to launch.

To accelerate the process of developing the ICTUS communications channel, InternetNZ has retained Jim Higgins on an initial part time, 3 month assignment to launch ICTUS. Jim starts on September 30. This does not imply InternetNZ ownership, we are just planting the seed. We are setting up collaborative tools. For a start a mail list called 'ICTUS' will be hosted at InternetNZ. The list will initially be unmoderated, and list members will be able to submit directly.
To be added to the mailing list please email Jim ( ), you will then receive a confirmation message.
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