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InternetNZ Sponsors Industry Subs Secretariat

This week, a new facility for the ICT Industry was launched in the form of the ICT Unified Submissions secretariat (ICTUS). Sponsored initially by InternetNZ, ICTUS has been created to provide a centralised place for ICT Industry submissions to Government to be collated and unified into a single ‘Industry View’.

Acting Executive Director Jim Higgins says “This does not mean that opposing views will not be represented. Where views on an issue are similar, ICTUS will work with those organisations to see if a common view might be achieved. If not then views opposed with the ‘common view’ will be clearly shown on the unified submission.”
Access to the secretariat will be open to all who wish to contribute to the debate. Higgins says “The primary principles will include open access and the independence and neutrality of ICTUS. It will not hold views of its own and will be beholden to no organisation or individual who might compromise its neutrality.”
While initial funding has come from InternetNZ, ICTUS will be seeking its own source of operational funding. The acting Executive Director has been in discussions with a number of Industry organisations over the past three months and is encouraged with the level of support for the initiative. The business planning is now complete and the next major steps will be the appointment of a Board and the holding of a meeting of Industry businesses and organisations to plan the way ahead. It is hoped that this will be held late January/ early February.
In the meantime the ICTUS Web site is now up and running and the organisation is accepting suggestions for issues which might be debated with Government. The site is at

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