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InternetNZ Internet Industry Leaders Forum

The leaders of New Zealand's Internet Industry will gather to review industry Self-regulation issues in the light of New Zealand's changing legislative environment at the end of November. The "New Zealand Internet Industry Forum" takes place in Auckland on November 29 and 30 at the Ellerslie Novotel.

The Forum, run by InternetNZ, will look at legal liability issues in
the light of new and impending legislative changes, the status of
industry Self-regulation and the Internet Code of Practice, and
security issues arising from the September 11 attacks on the USA.
"We've revised the Agenda in the light of major new legislation
initiatives around the world which target terrorist activity as this
clearly could impact on New Zealand" said InternetNZ Executive Director
Sue Leader. “The Forum was already focused on liability issues form the
industry in the light of the Crimes Amendment Bill #6, the Electronic
Transactions Act, and the government’s Digital Copyright Act Discussion
Paper - the September 11 attack demanded we broaden our scope.”
“One of the more interesting sessions is a sort of ‘compare and
contrast’ exercise where we look at voluntary codes of practice versus
government legislation, with presentations on the situations in the UK,
Australia, and New Zealand.” she said. The Industry has been slow to
take up the New Zealand Internet Code of Practice, despite major
players such as Clear Communications Ltd being early adopters. Telecom
Xtra has recently again declined to become a signatory on the grounds
that their Policies are sufficient.
“We’re really excited about the line-up of speakers for the Forum as
they represent some of the leading thinkers on issues facing the
Internet today, both within New Zealand and globally.” Leader said.
“The Minister for Information Technology and of Commerce, the Hon Paul
Swain, has taken a keen interest and has appointed as representative to
speak as he is unfortunately out of the country at that time.”
For the full Agenda and Online Registration follow the link on
The Internet Code of Practice can be found at:
For further information please contact:
Sue Leader, InternetNZ ph (04) 472 1600 or (021) 673-300
Voice: +64-4-472-1600
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Last updated 14 May 2002

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