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ISOCNZ Opposes Telecom Stance on Kiwishare

The Internet Society of New Zealand (ISOCNZ) is asking the Government to make clear that the Kiwi Share applies to all local calls, not just those which Telecom decides upon.ISOCNZ has written to Sir William Birch to ask for a ruling on whether the Kiwi Share includes data calls or is limited to voice calls only, as Telecom NZasserts. "Our position is clear - we believe that Telecom is wrong to attemptto exclude data calls from KiwiShare and we oppose any such suggestion.KiwiShare guarantees free local calling for New Zealanders," said Jim Higgins, ISOCNZ's chair.

"The Kiwi Share is a commitment to the Government and people of New
Zealand entered into by Telecom when it was sold.It guarantees New
Zealanders access to free local calling.Now more people are using the
Internet it appears that Telecom would like to redefine its
According to Higgins, this is the main issue for the New Zealand
Internet to come out of Telecom's recent announcement of a move to a
new numbering plan for Internet Service Providers."We were heartened
that at a meeting with Telecom it gave a positive response to the other
issues raised by ISOCNZ, including an urgent need for an extension
migration deadlines, that allcosts associated with the change would be
met by Telecom, and that smaller ISP'swould not be penalised by having
to find cash up front. We hope that Telecom will shortly announce the
revised deadlines." he finished.
"Our membership has demonstrated the seriousness of the unilateral
announcement of changes by Telecom by the level of debate which
hastaken place," Internet Society Executive Director Sue Leader said.
"We have received extensive, and in some casesconflicting, opinions on
other aspects of the scheme, which reflects thediffering impacts the
0867 changes have upon our members and the Industryas a whole. The
debate and discussion is far from over, but after a membership poll on
the issues the Society nowhas a clear base from which to monitor the
issue and to take action as appropriate," Leader concluded. The
Internet Society's Position on the 0867changes can be found at
For the 'Questions to' and 'Answers from' Telecom - please see the
links on the web site at: A copy
of the KiwiShare document and the results of the poll can be found
linked from the same page.
© 1999 The Internet Society of New Zealand

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