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InternetNZ will launch the new Second Level Domain, '', moments after the 11:00am zonepush on September 5 2002. InternetNZ President Keith Davidson noted that there were two firsts in relation to the launch of '' - it is the first new Second Level Domain in the New Zealand namespace since 1996, and the first indigenous people's space on the global Internet.

Davidson noted that the new domain will be open for anyone to
register a domain name in, in line with the proposal to create the new
Second Level Domain put forward by Te Whanau Ipurangi/The New Zealand
Maori Internet Society Inc. "InternetNZ's Domain Name Commissioner,
Debbie Monahan, recommended that the Maori Internet Society, as
proposers of the domain, will be entitled to pre-purchase their own
name and two others (, and if they choose. The Council was happy to endorse this
recommendation in light of the work NZMIS does in promoting the
Internet among Maori" said Davidson.
All other registrations will be dealt with on the basis of "first
come, first served", the standard practice for .nz registrations.
InternetNZ expects that all current providers of domain name
registration services in .nz, including Domainz, will offer
registrations under ''.
People interested in registering names under '' are
encouraged to approach providers directly. InternetNZ cannot recommend
any one provider over another, but a full list of providers can be
found in NetGuide Magazine or online at .
For further information please contact:
Sue Leader, InternetNZ ph 04 472 1600 or 021 673 300
© 30 August 2002 The Internet Society of New Zealand
Last updated 16 Ocotober 2002

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