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InternetNZ Outcome of poll

91.7% of the voters in the public consultation over "" support the creation of the new second level domain. "The result of the Straw Poll is unprecedented, with over 1600 members of the New Zealand Internet community voting online," said Sue Leader, Executive Director of InternetNZ. This compares with just under 400 voters in last year's proposal to create "", which only gained 65% support. "We believe that both the numbers voting, and the level of support, indicates the keen interest in the Internet as a development tool for Maori." she said.

The threshold for the Straw Poll, which is Stage Three of a nine
step process, is a voter turnout of at least 200, of which 70% must be
in favour of the application. The next stage is a public submission
process over a two week period, and then the Council of InternetNZ
makes an interim decision at the next Council Meeting on April 13. "The
Council will be strongly guided by outcome of the Straw Poll." Leader
"It is also clear that the proposers of the new domain, Te Whanau
Ipurangi - the New Zealand Maori Internet Society, have done a
tremendous amount of work to ensure that people were aware of the Straw
Poll and its importance." Leader said. InternetNZ President, Keith
Davidson, currently representing .nz at an international meeting,
conveyed his congratulations. "I look forward to the process moving
onto the next stage." he said.
"InternetNZ has a clear process to follow which ensures that all
proposals are treated in the same even-handed manner. The Society
originated to ensure that the Internet in New Zealand remained 'open,
uncapturable, and accessible' to all New Zealanders," she continued.
"That is one reason the process to create new Second Level Domain Names
is measured and thorough, and this takes time".
The process to create new Second Level Domain Names is grounded in
Policy set by the founders of the Society in May 1997 after the
original ten ".nz" domain names were confirmed. The creation of that
Policy itself resulted from an extensive consultation process as the
Society wished to ensure that the New Zealand Namespace was both stable
and also able to be expanded if real need was demonstrated.
For further information please contact:
Sue Leader, InternetNZ ph 04 472 1600 or 021 673 300
Phone: +64 4 472 1600 Fax: +64 4 472 1207
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Last updated 12 March 2002

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