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InternetNZ Announced New Council

Keith Davidson, the former Treasurer of InternetNZ (the Internet Society of New Zealand), was elected unanimously to the Chair of InternetNZ at the Council's first meeting on Friday. Davidson, General Manager of the Wairarapa Times-Age newspaper, has been a Councillor of the Society since 1998, and the Treasurer for the entire period. His involvement with the Internet dates from the early 1980's, though he admits to major participation mainly since 1994. Davidson is a key figure in WISE-net, a small Wairarapa ISP owned by the Wairarapa Times-Age, and he is a member of a variety of Boards.

Davidson topped the poll of the membership for their preference for
Chair of the Society, standing on a clear platform of continuing the
evolution of 'open and transparent processes' within the Society.
Davidson sees the implementation of the Shared Registry System (SRS)
for the NZ Registry of ".nz" as the key priority for the Society this
term, and feels the concept of an "open source" SRS should be
investigated. At the same time he maintains a commitment to the other
areas in which the Society works, especially education and research,
the Internet Code of Practice, and government legislation. (For full
details see
The recent AGM saw the retirement of incumbent Chair Peter Dengate
Thrush and long-serving Secretary, Dr Frank March. Joining Davidson to
lead the work of the Council are the new Secretary, David Farrar and
Treasurer, Steven Heath. Farrar works in the Office of the Leader of
the Opposition and Heath is a Senior Business Consultant for Optimation
(For further information see and
In total eleven Councillors were elected at the AGM, one more than
the usual yearly rotation due to retirements. Elected for another term
were Jennifer Northover and Dr Howard Frederick (Auckland) and Roger De
Salis and Richard Bourne (Wellington). New Councillors Chris
Streatfield, David Farrar, and Simon Riley (Wellington), Joop Teernstra
and Peter Mott (Auckland), and Drew Whittle (Dunedin) were elected for
a two year term, with John Russell (Auckland) for a one year term. (For
full biographies see
For further information please contact: Sue Leader, Executive Director, InternetNZ
ph (04) 472 1600 or (021) 673-300
Voice: +64-4-472-1600
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Last updated 20 September 2001

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