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Political Parties Attitudes to Internet - Web site Established

ISOCNZ has today announced that it has established a web site providing information about the policies of the political parties towards the Internet. A questionnaire was sent to all parties in April with a list of questions relating to the use of the Internet by a large and growing number of New Zealanders.

"The response from most parties has been very disappointing",
commented Sue Leader, ISOCNZ Executive Director. With recent news about
the establishment of a new international body to 'govern' the Internet
and concerns over announcement by Telecom about the new 0867 ISP access
numbers, interest in Internet policies of the parties as the election
approaches is expected to be high.
"Only the National Party and Libertarianz have replied so far", she
said. "Over 30% of the population now use the Internet on a regular
basis and this represents a large, influential proportion of the
The questionnaire canvasses ideas on the role of government in the
provision of Internet services, attitudes to restricting access to
pornography and other objectionable material, access to government
information over the Internet, and the readiness of the Internet for
electronic commerce in New Zealand.
The questionnaire and party responses may be found on the ISOCNZ Web site at
© 1999 The Internet Society of New Zealand

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