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Public Comment Invited for Second Level Domain Proposal - 2002

InternetNZ (The Internet Society of New Zealand Inc) has begun public consultation on a second proposal to create a new second level domain in New Zealand. If successful, the proposal from the New Zealand Bankers Association for the creation of the "" would only be the second new Second Level Domain created in New Zealand since 1996. The Banker's Association proposal was received as the proposal from the New Zealand Maori Internet Society to create "" reached a successful conclusion.

The New Zealand Banker's Association proposes that the Second Level Domain be created as a 'moderated' or restricted Second Level Domain which is open to only to banks registered under the Reserve Bank of New Zealand Act 1989 . If successful the new domain, "", would join four other moderated domains in the New Zealand namespace: "", "", "", and "".
InternetNZ issued a formal "Request for Discussion" on Monday which invites all interested people to take part in the first round of discussion and debate. "The process involves extensive public consultation", said the Society's Executive Director Sue Leader, "and the discussion list is already running hot."
"The Banker's Association originally proposed the creation of "" in late 2000, and the proposal failed to meet the threshold of support in the straw poll by a narrow margin", Leader said. "The rules state that another application cannot be made for a full year, and we understand that the Banker's Association consulted their membership before putting forward the new proposal".
The public can join the list by going to". The next stage is a straw poll of the Internet community in New Zealand which will take place in 60-90 days. All New Zealanders are eligible to vote in the non-binding straw poll. The application process can be found on the Society's website at:
The Council of InternetNZ is expected to make an announcement for the start date for the new second level domain "" after its August 30 meeting.
For further information please contact: Sue Leader, InternetNZ ph 04 472 1600 or 021 673 300
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