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Wellington Audio Venue for Internet Summit


ISOCNZ is delighted to announce that a public venue to listen to the
live audio-cast of the National Internet Summit in Auckland on Friday
April 30 has been arranged. The Summit will be audio-cast from 9:30am
until 5:00pm across the Internet, and Wellingtonians who are unable to
attend the Summit in person can hear the proceedings at the (e)-Vision
Centre, on the corner of Blair and Wakefield Streets, Wellington.
"With their focus on promotion of Information Technology issues the
(e)-Vision Centre is the perfect venue for Wellingtonians to tune in to
the Internet Summit proceedings" said Sue Leader, Executive Director of
ISOCNZ. "We realise that many people could not get to Auckland for this
important event, so we are delighted that such a well designed venue is
The initiative for providing a public "listening platform" came from
Internet specialist and UniForum Board member Bill Parkin. "Bill was
keen to get as many people involved as possible and he pointed out that
having a public venue meant that ideas could be exchanged amongst the
listeners as a group, and then fed back to the Summit" said Leader.
"We're pleased that, once again, the Internet community is showing how
we can work together on important issues." "We hope that people in
other centres will take up this great idea and set up their own
"listening posts".
Doors open at (e)-Vision Centre at 9:15 on Friday April 30. People
who wish to listen to the audiocast can go directly to the Audio-cast
site at
© 1999 The Internet Society of New Zealand

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