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Internet NZ Opens Vote on proposal

InternetNZ invites all interested people to participate in an online poll on the proposal to create a new second level domain - "". The poll opens near midnight on November 3 and is open to all New Zealand residents - for full details go to

The poll is the second stage of a process which, if successful,
would allow domain names such as to work on the Internet in
the same way as existing addresses such as and
All New Zealand residents are eligible to vote in the straw poll.
Voters must supply their name, residential address, and a working email
address for the vote to be valid. The details provided via either
voting method will not be seen by anyone other than the four Voting
Officials. InternetNZ publishes the results of the vote which includes
the voters' names but no other details - neither voters' addresses, nor
the actual vote.
Once the voting is over and the results have been published, all
information other than that which was published with the overall
result, will be destroyed. For voting details see
The proposal to create the new Second Level Domain was made
by The New Zealand Bankers' Association. If successful,, a
moderated (restricted) second level domain under the .nz country code
top level would join the current eleven second level domains in New
Zealand –,,,,,,,,, and A recent proposal to create was successful and the new second level domain went live on
September 5 2002.
A moderated second level domain is one which restricts registrations
to a clearly defined "community of interest", and a representative of
the community of interest undertakes to moderate or assess all
potential registrations for suitability. If successful, the New Zealand
Bankers' Association would act as the moderator, and registrations
would be restricted to banks registered under the Reserve Bank Act of
1989. There are currently four moderated second level domains in .nz -,,, and
The first stage of the process to create a new second level domain
is public consultation and this has taken place over the last two
months. The second stage is the public poll and the proposal has to
receive at least 70% support to proceed. The poll starts at 2359 on
November 3 and closes at 2359 on November 17.
If the proposal does proceed then a further process of formal
submissions will commence prior to a provisional decision and then
after further consultation a final decision by the InternetNZ Council.
InternetNZ is responsible for setting policy for the .nz domain and
is consulting the Internet community on the proposal. The proposal can
be read at
or by following the link from "What's Hot" on
For further information please contact:
Debbie Monahan, Domain Name Commissioner, InternetNZ 04 472 1600;
Errol Lizamore, Chief Executive, New Zealand Bankers' Association - 04 472 8838
© 2001 InternetNZ
Last updated 14 November 2002

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