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Submission criticises absence of evidence for ACTA approach – InternetNZ

Media Release – 1 April 2010 - InternetNZ (Internet New Zealand Inc) today released a submission responding to the Ministry of Economic Development’s consultation in advance of this month’s ACTA negotiations in Wellington.

The consultation sought information on how New Zealand should position itself on the main subject of the Wellington round – enforcement in the digital environment. The topics covered will be debated at the PublicACTA event in Wellington on 10 April.

“ACTA is shaping the enforcement of copyright, trademarks and other forms of law in a tougher direction, but there is no evidence that doing so is in the public interest,” says InternetNZ Policy Director Jordan Carter.

“Changes to enforcement make a real difference to the substantive rights Kiwis enjoy under copyright and trademark law. Changes that reduce the access the public have to creative content must only be considered where strong evidence suggests they are needed.

“That evidence simply does not exist.

“InternetNZ’s submission makes the argument that in the absence of such evidence, the whole digital enforcement framework should not be part of ACTA – and if it is, New Zealand should not sign the Treaty,” says Carter.

“Our submission clearly explains the basis of this argument, as well as addressing the specific questions set out in the Ministry’s consultation paper.

“We prefer a safe harbour approach for minimising ISP liability, in line with the current New Zealand approach. We do not support the release of the details of alleged infringers to rights holders, and we do not support enhanced enforcement or protection of digital rights management systems or copyright management information.”

InternetNZ will be highlighting these issues and more at the PublicACTA event on 10 April. For more information about the event visit .

InternetNZ’s ACTA submission is available online:

For further information contact:

Jordan Carter
Policy Director
04 495 2118

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