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2009 AGM

Information relating to InternetNZ's 2009 AGM.

InternetNZ's 2009 Annual General Meeting took place on 30 July 2009 at the Wellington office of InternetNZ; Level 10, Exchange Place.

Draft 2009 AGM Minutes

Over 50 members attended to hear updates on the past year’s work, and to approve the budget and business plan for 2009/2010.

The AGM was streamed live by and members were also able to participate remotely in the meeting via IRC chat.


The evening was structured as follows:

5.30 – 6.10pm    Refreshments     

6.10 – 6.30pm    Presentation from Peter Dengate-Thrush, ICANN Chair

6.30 – 9.00pm    Annual General Meeting

9.00 – 9.30pm    Refreshments

A video recording of the AGM is available at:

AGM Papers

The following papers were tabled with members prior to the meeting:

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