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Social Impact Committee Report 01/02/02

Report Adopted by the Council Meeting of 01 February 2002

Report to Council 1 February 2002

MEMBERSHIP: Howard Frederick, Chair; Jennifer Northover, Drew Whittle, Simon Riley; Andrew Mason, Don Hollander

Crs Frederick and Northover have been active participants in the planning of the NetSafe: Society, Safety and the Internet conference to take place February 10-12. The Society is one of the key sponsors and has committed $5,000 to the success of the conference. In addition to Crs Northover and Frederick, the Executive Director Sue Leader, Cr Rick Shera and member Jenny Shearer are participating.

This is a think tank conference with the goal of opening channels of communication between different sectors of the Internet. New Zealand is the first country in the world to have a national Internet Safety initiative, developed by the Internet Safety Group. The goal of the ISG is to keep children and young people safe on the Internet through education. When leaders in various sectors of the Internet are aware of the broad range of social impact issues regarding the Internet, there will be more talent and expertise available to those working on keeping young people safe, and thus a better chance of putting effective prevention strategies in place. This conference will create a network of resources focused on helping young people enjoy the Internet safely.

This think tank conference is seen as a prelude to a larger international conference in late 2002 or early 2003. New Zealandâ??s model for Internet Safety education is already being studied by several overseas groups. This conference is a crucial part of making New Zealand the most pro-active country in the world in educating its populace about commonsense guidelines for safety on the Internet.

Confirmed participants include:

  • Margaret Agee - University of Auckland
  • Sylvia Akavola Tongotongo - Methodist Church Offices
  • Dave Allison - Global Knowledge Solutions LTD
  • John Angus - Ministry of Social Development
  • Robert Baal - Clear Communication Limited
  • Gerrit Bahlman - Massey University
  • Maureen Baker - University of Auckland
  • Chris Barton - New Zealand Herald
  • Gibb Beattie - Serious Fraud Unit
  • Judge Andrew Becroft - Department of Courts: Family Court Principal Youth Court Judge
  • Stephen Bell - Youthline
  • George Benwell - University of Otago
  • Tim Beyer - Law Commission
  • Jan Bieringa - 20/20 Trust
  • Stephen Blyth - DIA Community Development
  • Brendan Boyle - E-Government Unit, State Services Commission
  • Allan Boyle - Minter Ellison Rudd Watts
  • Jackie Brown - Child, Youth and Family Services
  • Colin Brown - Ministry of Education
  • Maree Brown - Senior Policy Analyst, Ministry of Social Development
  • Nola Campbell - University of Waikato
  • Susy Carryer - Anglican Youth Ministry Private Bag 11903
  • Anne Carter - CE, Youth Affairs
  • Dame Silvia Cartwright - Governor General
  • Dr David Chaplow Minister of Mental Health
  • Brenda Chawner - LIANZA Library and Information Studies
  • Mark Churches - Commerce Commission
  • The Right Honorable Helen Clark - Prime Minister
  • Amanda Coulston - NZEI
  • Barbara Craig - Victoria University of Wellington
  • Ada Crowe - New Zealand Association of Counsellors
  • Nicola Crutchley - Crown Law Office Deputy Solicitor General
  • Mary Dawson - Child, Youth and Family Special Services
  • Peter Dengate-Thrush
  • Roger Desalis - Cisco Systems New Zealand Ltd
  • Hamish Dickson - STOP Programme Wellington
  • Chris Duthie-Jung - National Council for Young Catholics
  • Angela Dutton - XTRA Consumer General Manager
  • Kay Eddy - Internet Prolink NZ Ltd
  • Bill English - Opposition Leader
  • Dr Graeme Fogelberg - University of Otago Vice Chancellor
  • Chris France - National School Trustees Association
  • Lindsay Freer
  • Paul Frogatt Link Ed - Victoria University
  • Pam Galbraith - Girl Guides Youth Services Manager
  • Shona Geary - National Radio
  • Timothy Giles - Computerchat
  • Professor Brian Gould - University of Waikato Vice Chancellor
  • Simon Green - ihug
  • Philip Hamlin - Meredith Connell
  • Laila Harre - Minister of Youth Affairs
  • Niki Harre - University of Auckland Psychology Department
  • Rachel Harrison - Auckland Rape Crisis
  • Mike Harte - New Zealand Computer Society
  • Ian Hassall - Children's Agenda C/O Saftinet
  • John Hattie - University of Auckland
  • Claudette Hauiti - TVNZ
  • Frances Hay-Mackenzie - Minter Ellison Rudd Watts
  • Lillian Hetet-Owen - PO Box 31 021 Lower Hutt
  • Jim Higgins - The Networking Edge
  • Peter Hills - Community Trust of Otago
  • John Hinchcliff - Auckland University of Technology Vice Chancellor
  • John Hine - Victoria University of Wellington Computer Science
  • Geraldine Howell - National Library of NZ
  • Dick Hubbard - Hubbard Foods Ltd
  • Cherie Jackson - Sanitarium Health Food Company
  • Margaret Jefferies - University of Waikato
  • Hirini Kaa Te Kahui Rangatahi - Box 43277
  • Robyn Kamira - Maori Internet Society/Te Whanau Ipurangi
  • Frances Kelley - Ministry of Education
  • Hal King - Actrix
  • Kwok Wing Lai - University of Otago
  • Ian Lambie - University of Auckland Psychology Department
  • Dr Jack Langley - Auckland College of Education CEO
  • Mike Leaver - WAVE Internet Services
  • Professor Daryl LeGrew - University of Canterbury Vice Chancellor
  • Spencer Lilley - LIANZA Hokowhitu Librarian
  • Richard Lockwood - Logical Networks Ltd PO Box 5379
  • Chris Loman
  • Dr Jack MacDonald - Manukau Institute of Technology CEO
  • Steve Maharey - Minister of Social Development
  • Trevor Mallard - Minister of Education
  • Peter Mancer - Watchdog Corporation Ltd
  • Bob Manthei - University of Canterbury
  • Hamish McCardle - New Zealand Police
  • Roger McClay - Commissioner for Children
  • Jen McCutchen - PPTA
  • Professor Stuart McCutcheon - Victoria University of Wellington Vice Chancellor
  • Dennis McKinlay - Unicef New Zealand National Manager
  • Professor James McWha - Massey University Vice Chancellor
  • Tony Morgan - Auckland College of Education
  • Matthew Morran - NZOOM
  • Don Mortensen - STOP Programme Christchurch
  • James Neil - University of Otago
  • Jean Park - New Zealand Federation of Business and Professional Women President
  • Bruce Parkes - Telecom New Zealand Ltd
  • Judy Parr - Head of Psychology Studies School of Education
  • Adrienne Perry - Infotech - The Dominion
  • Honourable Justice Judith Potter - High Court
  • Graeme Prentice - Apple Computer Education Manager
  • Gavin Renni - Unitec Social Work Department
  • Paul Reynolds -
  • Jim Richards - Sanitarium Health Food Company
  • Denise Ritchie - ECPAT NZ
  • Jason Roberts - Urge Manager
  • Kim Robinson - Deaf Association of NZ 6a Helena St
  • Elaine Rush - Mt Roskill Grammar School, Frost Road
  • Bronwyn Rutherford - Kia Marama Sex Offender Programme
  • Owen Sanders - New Zealand Police Police Youth Educator
  • Dean Saunders - Vodafone
  • Karen Sewell - Education Review Office
  • Rereokeroa Shaw
  • Murray Sim - New Zealand Police
  • Dr Sandy Simpson - Mason Clinic
  • Bruce Slane - Privacy Commissioner
  • Colin Slater - PriceWaterhouseCoopers
  • Professor Anne Smith - University of Otago Children's Issues Centre
  • Margaret Stanners - Peace Foundation
  • Deb Struthers - Ministry of Education
  • Leigh Sutton - Lottery Grants Board NZ
  • Paul Swain - Minister of Communications
  • Karaitiana Taiuru - Maori Internet Society/Te Whanau Ipurangi Chairperson
  • Dr Rees Tapsell - Mason Clinic
  • Ian Taylor - Taylor Made Company
  • Alison Taylor - Mental Health Foundation Chief Executive
  • John Thackray - Ernst & Young Australia
  • Stephen Tindall - The Warehouse Ltd
  • Gwendoleine Toare
  • Clair Trainor - Youth Law Tino Rangatiratanga Taitamariki Inc Senior Solicitor
  • Antony Urbahn - Maxnet
  • Dennis Valentine - Family Courts Association Department for Courts
  • Leigh Warren - Oracle New Zealand Managing Director
  • Dr John Webster - Unitec CEO
  • Dean Westerlund - Ministry of Pacific Island Affairs
  • Brent Whale - New Zealand Customs Service
  • Stephen Whiteside - University of Auckland
  • Nuhisifa Williams - University of Auckland
  • Stephen Wise - Mt Roskill Grammar School, Frost Road,
  • Hank Wolfe - University of Otago
  • Frank Wood - Lincoln University
  • Kirsten Wylie - McDonalds New Zealand
  • Wai-Kian Yeap - Auckland University of Technology
  • Warren Young - Ministry of Justice Deputy Secretary of Justice
  • Laurence Zwimpfer - New Zealand National Commission for UNESCO

NetSafe: Society, Safety and the Internet


Sunday 10th February 2002 - University of Auckland Marae

  • 4.00 pm Registration
  • 5.00 pm Powhiri and welcome followed by reception (finger food and drinks)

Monday 11th February 2002 - Auckland Club

  • 8.30 am Registration
  • 9.00 am Opening Ceremony, John Hood, Vice-Chancellor, University of Auckland
  • 9.15 am Keynote speaker, Ilene Berson, University of South Florida
  • 10.15 am Morning Tea
  • 10.45 am Plenary session

Jon Peacock, Dept of Internal Affairs - Censorship Compliance

Judge David Harvey

  • 12.00 pm Lunch
  • 1.30 pm Keynote Speaker, Gordon Dryden, Author and Educational Commentator
  • 2.30 pm Afternoon Tea
  • 3.00 pm Parallel Sessions

Safety in Schools

Safety in Businesses

Claire Balfour, Internet Safety Group

Jenene Crossan, NZ Girl

Murray Brown, Ministry of Education

Craig Horrocks, Clendon Feeney

Michael Berson, University of S Florida

Mike Peters, Microsoft NZ Ltd.

John Hope, University of Auckland

Peter Elford, Cisco Systems

John Hosking, U. of Auckland, Session Chair

Howard Frederick, UNITEC, Session Chair

5.00 pm Break

7.00 pm Pre-dinner drinks, followed by dinner at 7:30 PM, at the Auckland Club

Tuesday 12th February 2002 - Auckland Club

9.00 am Keynote Speaker, Barbara Etter, Australasian Centre for Policing Research

10.00 am Plenary paper, Rob Robinson, Commissioner of Police

10.30 am Morning Tea

11.00 am Parallel Sessions

Safety in the Home

Safety in the Workplace

John McCarthy, SAFE Network

Rosslyn Noonan, Human Rights Commission

Nathan Gaunt, University of Auckland

Matthew Fitzsimons, U. of Auckland

Clark Thomborson, U. of Auckland

Brendan Bain, gen-i limited

Claire Balfour, Session Chair

Lech Janczewski, U. of Auckland, Session Chair

12.30 pm Lunch

1.15 pm Parallel sessions

Internet Infrastructure

Legal, Ethical & Cultural Issues

Sue Leader, InternetNZ

Don McIlroy, Lawyer and Author

Nevil Brownlee, U. of Auckland

Rick Shera, Lawyer/Internet Councillor

Rikirangi Gage, Te Runanga o Te Hinureina Mangan, Te Wananga Whanau a Apanui o Raukawa

Richard Dunbar, ACNielsen

Frank March, Ministry of Economic Development

Sally Pewhairangi, Manukau Libraries,

Hugh McKellar, Internet Safety Group, Session Chair

Cathy Gunn, U. of Auckland, Session Chair

3.15 pm Afternoon Tea

3.30 pm Wrap up session, including reports from parallel sessions

4:45 pm Closing, Liz Butterfield, Director, Internet Safety Group

5.00 pm Symposium ends

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