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Social Impact Committee Report 08/11/02

1. Membership

The committee agreed to accept the current membership of: Jordan Carter (Chair), Howard Frederick, Jennifer Northover, Michael Wallmannsberger, Simon Riley, Jonathan Ah Kit, and also recommends to Council that Liz Butterfield of Internet Safety Group be added as a member.

2. Terms of Reference

The Committee will meet (see below) to agree its terms of reference, but for Council's information, I attach the draft:


Social Impact is the committee responsible for ensuring the Society is active in outreach on social issues relating to the Internet. It is responsible for seminars, public meetings, educational issues, and other areas of Society interaction on broad social issues as agreed.


- To create Working Groups in consultation with the President.

- To arrange appropriate seminars, meetings and conferences within the allocated budget, including sponsoring events organised by other bodies.

- To approve budgeted expenditure for the Committee.

- To recommend activities to Council if resources outside the Committee's budget are required.

3. Report Correction

Moved for Council on 8 November 2002: That the section of the Social Impact Committee report of 01 February 2002 which currently reads:

Rikirangi Gage, Te Runanga o Te Hinureina Mangan, Te Wananga Whanau a Apanui o Raukawa be corrected and replaced by the following:

Hinureina Mangan, Te W?nanga o Raukawa Sally Pewhairangi, Manukau City Libraries

(as notified to the Executive Director by email on 14 May 2002.)

4. Internet Safety Group Netsafe Conference Sponsorship

Social Impact agreed to sponsor the ISG Netsafe Conference to the sum of $5,000, and Liz Butterfield was advised of this decision.

General conditions attached to the sponsorship offer: (for discussion with ISG, ED/Jennifer Northover to discusss

  • There should be an InternetNZ Keynote speaker.
  • Credit with other sponsors at same amount of funding.
  • A couple of free places at the Conference for InternetNZ members.
  • A place on the steering committee for InternetNZ.

5. Meeting Programme

The Committee has decided to do a strategy/planning session in Auckland on 16 November. We felt it was important to sit down face to face and think through our mission without the time pressures of a swift post-Council meeting. It's a key step in making SI a more effective committee.

Thereafter, we expect to meet by teleconference a fortnight before each Council meeting.

6. Recommendations

  • THAT Council agree to Liz Butterfield joining the Social Impact Committee.
  • THAT the Report of the Social Impact Committee be adopted.
Jordan Carter Chair, Social Impact Committee Internet NZ Council

01 November 2002

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