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Policy Committee Report to Council 26/05/00

Policy committee membership

Policy Committee is low on members; we are down to three now and this is creating a load on the existing members. Where needed we will seek to co-opt from outside of Council to assist with defined tasks.
Communications policy

A number of comments from Councillors have been received in response to the draft policy. These have been considered in preparing the final version that is now being circulated to Council for acceptance and adoption.

Note that this policy relates to Council operating procedure so will not be put up to members for comment.

Complaints Board

Funding - the committee agreed that costs of the Board should be met by ISOCNZ for the first two years. After this, funding should be reviewed. We do not believe that the funding model used by the ASCB is appropriate for our Complaints Board - in their case signatories pay a levy which is used to meet costs.

The draft Complaints Board document should next be distributed to all signatories with a covering letter asking for their comments. The accompanying letter should be a PR document that shows we value the signatories and their commitment to the Code of Practice. This should be arranged by ISOCNZ office.

Internet Hotline

Initial draft has been circulated. Responses received refer to resourcing aspects, and that a full proposal should be prepared.

The committee felt that at present there are too many other things going on with the DNS etc to focus scarce time and attention on a matter that is relatively resource-intensive. This item will be held and carried forward until better timing to take to the next stage.

Acceptable Use Policy

Discussion  - AUP's have been released from Sue as the new ISOCNZ lists are being set up. This has just taken place in the last few days. Earlier comments from John Hine and Keith Davidson also continue to be relevant.

The AUP's will be put together in a policy format in the first instance and the resulting draft will be circulated to Council.
Attendance at Council meetings

A set of protocols/limitations for observers wishing to attend Council meetings will be prepared. This set of protocols will address the issue of sound/video recording meeting procedures. The protocols should reside on the web site for public reference.

ISOC chapter/ Federation

The committee agreed that the idea of a Federation should be pursued. Agreed that a brief scoping paper setting out our vision of scope, purpose and objectives should be prepared-  to be formatted as an rfp. Also to seek funds to have a paper developed on the concept. This would be a research paper and not a policy. The scoping paper will be sent to 2 - 3  selected individuals for their proposals to carry out the work.

Govt eCommerce Summit &8211; early October

The committee agrees that we should be involved where possible, and supports any initiatives to submit a proposal.
Disclaimer 00/66 (Moved: Park/Chair)

THAT a two line disclaimer be added to the isocnz-l list unless this contravenes recommendations in the forthcoming draft Communications Policy

Discussion - why should we support isocnz-l if we don't "own" it? This list is being replaced, and further, tirades on this list would just be transferred to the members list if this list was not available, so useful to retain.
Decision -  we support the application of the Disclaimer

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