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Fellowship Committee Proposal 26 April 2001

Proposal to establish the membership class of ‘Fellow of the Internet Society of New Zealand’ (FISNZ)

It is proposed that from time to time, the Society recognise members of the Internet industry who have made an outstanding contribution to the development of the Internet in New Zealand or the Society.

The objectives of the honour are both to recognise the contribution these people have and are making to the Society but also to provide the Society with a credibility profile amongst those working in the industry. It is proposed that considerable PR mileage be made as each Fellowship is bestowed.

Any member of the Society may nominate another industry professional for Fellowship. This would be done through the Fellowship Sub-Committee who recommend such appointments to the Society’s National Council. The suggested structure and process is as follows:

1.1 (a) A standing Fellowship Committee shall be established to investigate and bring forward nominations for the elevation of Members to Fellowship.

(b) Council will appoint two members of the Fellowship Committee at its first meeting after the AGM.

(c) Retiring members of the Fellowship Committee shall be eligible for re-election.

(d) Casual vacancies shall be filled by the President.

1.2 The following procedure shall be adopted for the nomination and election of Fellows

(a) Any five members of the Society or the Fellowship Committee may nominate any other member for elevation to the grade of Fellow. This nomination should not be discussed with the nominee. The nominators shall prepare documentation in support of their nomination as they think desirable or feasible.

(b) The Chairperson of the Fellowship Committee or other shall report fully to Council including arguments both for and against the proposed advancement.

(c) Council will decide in secret ballot whether or not to distinguish the nominee by advancement to Fellow. A three quarters majority of Councillors attending will be required for acceptance.

Fellows of the Society will be presented with an appropriate certificate and will be authorised to use the letters FISNZ (FISOCNZ?) after their names

Guidelines to the Choice of Fellows

  • A fellow should be over the age of 33 years; i.e. the appointment should not be made before the 34th birthday.
  • A Fellow’s ethics should be of the very highest standard.
  • A Fellow must be widely respected in his or her professional capacity.
  • A Fellow must have demonstrated a history of good judgement in the Internet field.
  • A fellow must have held a position of responsibility and have discharged it in an effective manner.
  • The attainment of high office in an organisation connected with or using the Internet is not in itself a qualification.
  • A Fellow must have distinguished him or herself of the Society or both.


  • That the internet Society of New Zealand create the membership class of Fellow of the Internet Society of New Zealand in accordance with the process outlined above.
  • That Council debate the following issues:
    • Whether non-members should be eligible for the honour
    • Whether Fellows should be honorary member of the society (non-fee-paying)
J A Higgins

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Last updated 23 April 2001

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