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Fellowship Report 25/05/01


In May 1998 Council received a proposal to create the membership class of Fellow. I have not been able to locate any motion approving this proposal, however Council has followed its guidelines in the past choosing three fellows of the Society. This motion is intended to begin the process of formalising the award of Fellow of the Internet Society of New Zealand. Election to fellow is an honour and recognises the contribution these people have and are making to the Internet Community and the Society.

The following motion has been formulated to allow the Constitution Review Working Group to include the award of Fellow in the constitution if it is deemed necessary.


That from time to time, the Society recognise members of the Internet community who have made an outstanding contribution to the development of the Internet in New Zealand or to the Society by the award of Fellow of the Internet Society of New Zealand. The objectives of the honour are both to recognise the contribution these people have and are making and to enhance the Society's profile within the industry. Once elected to Fellowship a member remains a Fellow for life. A Fellow who is also a financial member of the Society shall have all the rights and privileges of an ordinary member.

The following process shall be used for the election of individuals to Fellowship in the Society:

a. Council will appoint a Fellowship Committee within three months of each AGM.

(i) The Chair of the Fellowship Committee will normally be a Fellow and financial member of the Society. One to three additional members will be appointed.

(ii) Casual vacancies on the Fellowship Committee shall be filled by the Chair of Council.

b. The process for election of a Fellow shall be:

(i) Any five members of the Society or the Fellowship Committee may nominate any individual for election to the grade of Fellow. This nomination should not be discussed with the nominee. The nominators shall prepare documentation in support of their nomination as they think desirable or feasible.

(ii) The Chairperson of the Fellowship Committee shall report fully to Council including arguments both for and against the proposed election.

(iii) Council will decide in secret ballot whether or not to distinguish the nominee by election to Fellow. A three quarters majority of Councillors voting will be required for election.

(iv) Fellows of the Society will be presented with an appropriate certificate. The presentation will normally occur at the AGM.

(c) Guidelines to the election of Fellows shall be:

(i) A Fellow shall have demonstrated ethics of the very highest standard.

(ii) A Fellow shall be widely respected in his or her professional capacity.

(iii) A Fellow shall have demonstrated a history of good judgement in the Internet field.

(iv) A fellow shall have held a position of responsibility and have discharged it in an effective manner.

The attainment of high office in an organisation connected with or using the Internet is not in itself a qualification.

Council will review this policy from time to time.


I've tried to retain the spirit of the original document while removing a few ambiguities such as the membership of the Fellowship Committee. I have changed the time of appointment of membership of the committee to "within three months of" rather than the "first meeting after" the AGM. The Chair and Council have much more urgent things immediately after the AGM. Three months is ample time for the annual cycle. I have also changed the voting from 3/4 attending to 3/4 voting. This clarifies how an evote might take place which is the easiest way to exclude nominees who might be on Council.

I have specifically added the need to remain financial to have voting rights or represent a constituency to clarify that Fellowship is an award and not a class of membership.

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Last updated 25 May 2001

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