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SRS Implementation Team Report to the IOC 01/02/02

Report Adopted by the Council Meeting of 01 February 2002

25 January 2002

This is the second progress report for 2002, but encompasses the achievements since the last Council meeting.

Development RFP

Before Christmas you approved the recommendation to proceed with the Catalyst proposal, subject to suitable reference checks, contract etc. To recap, three proposals were received. They were all evaluated by Doug with Kevin White (contract business analyst from Domainz) peer reviewing. The two unsuccessful tenderers were notified by Doug before Christmas. Doug has now completed the reference checks on Catalyst as an organisation and on the staff proposed. The referees were unanimous in their opinion that Catalyst is exceptionally competent, gives "value for money" and generally exceeds expectations. Doug has agreed with Catalyst the deliverables for the technical architecture phase of the project. The development work will commence in early February after the contract has been signed. The development will be staged, with no commitment beyond each phase. The contract with be between Domainz (as the funder) and Catalyst. Some amendments will be made to the standard Catalyst contract to enable assignment of the contract from

Domainz to third party registry if required. A memorandum of understanding will confirm the agreement between Domainz and InternetNZ.

Knossos Networks were commissioned to prepare a report on the Protocols and Standards for Shared Registry Systems, to feed into the technical architecture. A draft of the report has now been received.
Compliance with the DRS Post-Implementation Review recommendations for future software development
A report on the SRS's compliance with these recommendations has been prepared and a draft sent to you today. Comments received from Bob will be incorporated and a final sent to you (and Council) on Friday. You will need to read Doug's report in conjunction with the DRS Report.


Doug and I met with Derek, Bob and Kevin White on Tuesday to discuss the scope of the Domainz requirements for registrar software. Domainz are now working on their high level requirements and Doug will arrange for Catalyst to provide any bespoke development for the registrar database. This will then feed into the overall project plan.

Legal opinion

Prior to Christmas, Council were sent a copy of Gavin Adlam's advice re the governance arrangements for the Office of the ccTLD manager. This advice has been incorporated into the paper prepared for Council.


I worked through the costings with Derek Locke at Domainz and some figures were adjusted upwards. EY have also reviewed the figures which has led to further refinements. The costings include contingencies, and estimated depreciation costs.

Project QA

Draft terms of reference have been prepared and discussed with PIP Consulting (Ad van der Tol) who will undertake the work. Some refinement of the TOR is required. Ad has been briefed on the project and will meet the IOC at 4pm on Thursday, 31 January.

Rose Percival
SRS Implementation
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