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SRS Implementation Team Report to the IOC 07/06/02

Status: Report submitted for the Council Meeting of 7 June 2002

SRS Implementation Team Report
Update &8211; May 2002
SRS Development

The Technical Architecture and Prototype phases of the development project are now completed, and the documentation is available on the InternetNZ website. The results of the prototype tests were all positive and indicate that the SRS, on its production platform, will deliver good all-round performance levels.

The Detailed Requirements Specification will be completed during the first week of June. Also in preparation are two further deliverables from the detailed analysis phase &8211; the HTML Interface Requirements Specification (which will contain HTML screens required for the registry but which can be used as a &8216;shrink wrapped&8217; registrar front-end application) and the Migration Strategy.

Work has commenced on the Registrar Implementation Kit (RIK) and the key elements will be available at the end of June for testing by the Registrar Working Group. The full components of the RIK are:

  • An SRS Technical Specification that describes the SRS connection architecture and protocol to the level of detail necessary for registrars to develop their own interface software from the ground up.
  • A full set of Open Source software that registrars can choose to implement, either entirely or partially, as an interface to the SRS. It will include a 'no-frills' user interface which registrars can choose to install and use to interface with the SRS without the need to develop any software themselves.
  • A connection to a registrar test system, made available on a 24x7 basis, which registrars can use to test their interface.
  • A CD-ROM that includes all components of the RIK. This data will also be made available in a .zip file, downloadable from a web site.


Two monthly newsletters have been sent to providers and the third will be sent this week. These provide an update on the project and what is happening at the Domainz end (supplied by Domainz).

Registry Establishment

The five directors accepted the offer of appointment and have held their first board meeting. Carol Stigley accepted appointment as the Chair. The board has been extremely active in attending to the range of implementation tasks, including the recruitment of the registry manager.

Domain Name Commissioner

Debbie Monahan commenced work on 13 May and all work has now transferred from myself to Debbie.

.nz Oversight Committee

Eleven nominations for membership were received following a request to members in early May. Interviews were held on 24 May and Council will be receiving a separate report on the recommendations from the interviewing committee.

Rose Percival
SRS Implementation
29 May 2002
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