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NZNOG 2004 Conference Report

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New Zealand Network Operator Group

Attendees: 120-140

Host: WAND - Waikato University

Convenor: Donald Neal

Coordinator: Professor Tony McGregor

Dates: January 29th (workshop) 30th 31st 2004

Venue: Computer Science Lecture Theatres Primary Accommodation: College Halls of Residence

Primary Internet Access: Wireless Broadband

Webcast: CityLink Thursday 1400 thru conclusion ( Available on DVD

Lead Sponsor: City Link

Major Sponsor: InternetNZ

Physical InternetNZ Branding:

  • NZNOG Home Page
  • Colour InternetNZ logo on the back of NZNOG delegates tee-shirt.
  • InternetNZ Banner over-head in the reception area
  • Desk positioned at the reception area entrance doors
  • Desk distributed: InternetNZ Annual Reports
  • Displayed example copy of the InterDomain Multicast Routing Book.
  • Sign-up registration for InterDomain Multicast Routing Books (45 registrations)
  • Linksys wi-fi WRT54G on display.
  • Collected business cards for the draw of Linksys WRT54G. ( Craig Whitmore Orcon)
  • Peter Macauley's presence at our desk ensured that InternetNZ was fully recognised by all attendees. Every refreshment break and lunch was at this location. One and a half boxes of Annual reports were distributed.

InternetNZ Councillors present: Bill Parkin, Michael Sutton, Roger DeSalis

Executive Director: Peter Macauley,

Others: Peter & Liz Dengate Thrush, as well as a number of members such as Ewen McNeill

Bill Parkin Chaired the BoF for the Voice over IP session

Michael Sutton presented @ 11-45am Thursday for 30 minutes "The Case for Multicast enabling the New Zealand Internet". (prior to Citylink video coverage commencing) and held a BoF on implementing multicast and establishing a SIG.

Andy Linton of City Link presented a HOWTO for the IPv6 Gateway which InternetNZ has sponsored. InternetNZ's sponsorship contribution was acknowledged on the nznog abstract and through-out the presentation and it was noted how time responsive INZ had been to this proposal.

There were discussions with Jamie Curtis from WAND during conference and post conference through e-mail with Tony McGregor to propose WAND measurement probes for siting with our sponsored IPv6 / IPv4 Gateway. This is another micro project which offers significant practical benefits. I will be following this up with Tony McGregor at Waikato. It was suggested that a rack mounted version would be $1,000 per location.

General Report

This Conference has been judged by those who attended to have been a resounding success. The Organisers at Waikato benefited from the interaction and the quality of Lectures was such that there was a real balance between wit, intellect, and knowledge exchange such as Dean Pemberton's incisive wit which set the scene and described why the "Internet Sucks" which linked with a serious proposition by Geoff Huston of TelstraClear "Trashing of the Commons" that the situation is so fraught now that the Internet will have to be partitioned into services that remotely firewall the end user away from exposures of the TCP/IP network.

Presentations by WAND, CRCnet, APNIC, Cisco and Juniper on high end network management satisfied the engineer in us all.

NZNOG Future:

Donald Neal held session at the conclusion that was attended by 80% of delegates, focussing on the future of NZNOG... The discussion looked at incorporation, merger, assimilation or "non-incorporated independence" which was seemingly favoured by most of those present... Given the need for administrative support from time to time I indicated that I understood, members of the InternetNZ would support NZNOG being able to receive support from InternetNZ for administration purposes... Bill Parkin also spoke to this... It is now understood that a committee of NZNOG will plan to hold this conference again at an upper North Island University with Hostel accommodation at the same time next year with a similar registration fees and host operational budget.

Conference class photo:


Feedback received from attendees is very supportive for multicast. They as a group now better understand what multicast is and what is required. At the commencement, of 140, ~3 delegates indicated practical experience with multicast. 45 registered for the multicast book and many have followed up with direct contact subsequently. The GCSB/CCIP showed considerable interest. These books will be shipped directly from our Office to the first 25 this week.

Alcatel, Araneo, Auckland University, NZ Government GCSB/CCIP, CityLink, Compass Communications, ComputerLand, Connector Systems, Gen-I Helix, Ihug, Inspire Net, ItPartners, Massey University, Mercury Telecommunications, Naos, National Library, Network Stuff, Orcon Networks, Quicksilver, Telecom, TelstraClear, The Pacific Net, WAND Waikato University, Woosh


Council's decision to support a second NZNOG conference in twelve months was well founded and appreciated . Thank you to Peter for his work at the front of house.

Michael Sutton
Councillor 2003-2004
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