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ENUM Task Force Report 22/04/05

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Report to Council April 2005 (v0.3)

Over the past month the Task Force has worked intensively on advancing our mission as provided for in our Terms of Reference. I would like to express our thanks to Jordan Carter for organising the Auckland Enum Workshop. Weather prevented several delegates from attending. It should be noted that all major Telco Service Providers were present inclusive of cellular, fixed line and voip.

Further thanks should be noted to Catalyst and Tony Holmes who presented at the workshop. The PUA UCI Prototype (stage 1) is complete, operational and awaiting sign-off.

I would like to express my thanks to those members of Council who have supported our work which is now being referenced by the European Technical Standards Institute to the European Commission as specifying the 8 mandatory system capabilities that UCI must provide.

1. Meetings

The last formal face-to-face meeting of the ENUM Task Force was held at InternetNZ’s offices in Wellington on Wedenesday 16 March 2005. There was a brief teleconference on 29 March, and members of the TF met informally after the ENUM Workshop on 13 April 2005.

Those attending the face to face meeting were Michael Sutton (Chair), Chris Streatfield, Rodney Prescott, Grant Forsyth, David Farrar, Keith Davidson (by teleconference), Executive Director, Research & Policy Officer (minutes) (apologies Brendan Murray). The agenda was as follows:

1. Apologies and opening remarks

2. Update of Tasks Status since last meeting

3. Decision on the Issues documents: Enum Trial; and Delegation Issues

4. Update "expressions of interest" in ENUM by external and related parties

5. Prototype Development Status update

6. Project Sponsor / Manager and Governance issues

7. Future funding of ENUM projects

8. NAD ISG update

9. ENUM Workshop

10. Drafting of Plan for 2005-2006

11. Policy position statements covering ENUM activities at this time:

2. Activities to date

Since the Council meeting on 4 March 2005, the Task Force has:

  • Met as noted above.
  • Met with Tony Holmes to discuss ENUM initiative issues.
  • Run the ENUM Workshop, on 13 April 2005 in Auckland.
  • A delegate to the Workshop requested a preview of the working Prototype.
  • The UCI PUA prototype is operational and stable.
  • Commissioned a report from M-Co on holding an ENUM Trial in New Zealand.
  • Commissioned a report from Michael Sutton on delegation of 4.6.e164.arpa in New Zealand. This was subsequently withdrawn and the first part of the report was completed by Michael Sutton in conjunction with InternetNZ staff.
  • Worked with Catalyst IT on the first part of the PUA/UCI prototype, funding for which was authorised by Council at its last meeting.
  • Met with Hilary Carlile and Jordan Carter 29 th March 2005.
  • Scheduled to meet with Catalyst for a technical evaluation and compliance assessment 29 th April 2003 pending signoff of the working prototype.
  • Received email and spoke with Mike Pluke (United Kingdom). Mike has requested to be directly involved in supporting the proposed ENUM UCI trial in New Zealand. Mike was Chairman of 4 our of 5 ETSI/ITU Specialist Task Forces which proposed the Universal Communications Identifier. He has now included our 8 mandatory system capabilities into the recommended ETSI Next Generation Standardisation plan, which is going for “final approval stage”by the European Commission. (22/04/2005)
  • Received invitation from Ching Chiao Vice Chair of the Asia Pacific Enum Engineering Team (APEET) to become a member of their Trial program.
  • Held extended discussion with Richard Stastny, Chair of the Austrian Enum Foundation regarding delegation models suitable for New Zealand. Tony Holmes, Richard and Mike Pluke are all on same ENUM committees. Recognises ENUM UCI PUA as practical, important and useful. Stastny recommended attending the USA ENUM Summit conference in June 28-29 2005 Miami.
  • Provided written input and met with Doug Mercer 14 th April for the Enum Governance review
  • Met with Catalyst Directors to review the project April 15 th.
  • Malcolm Alexander has advised Keith Davidson that InternetNZ’s proposal to the NAD for establishment of an NZESG has been referred to the TCF for consideration.

3. Future Activities

The Task Force is meeting in Wellington on Friday 29 April 2005.

Among other things, the meeting will consider the following items:

  • ENUM Workshop follow-up
  • Budget requirements for 2005/06
  • Activity plan / business plan for 2005/06
  • Industry Steering Group –where to go
  • Future InternetNZ governance of ENUM activities
  • The PUA/UCI prototype –decision on proceeding to Stage 2.
  • Draft position statement on InternetNZ’s view of ENUM.

A brief oral presentation will be made to Council on Saturday 30 April, and any substantive recommendations which arise from this will be progressed by e-vote or at the subsequent Council meeting in June.

4. Budget Status

2004/05 Budget

From a budget provision of $30,000, the following expenditure was made:

$10,000 Catalyst IT Feasibility Study on PUA/UCI Prototype
$300 Various Travel Expenses

In addition, the Treasurer has included provision for payment of Stage One of the PUA/UCI Prototype into the 2004/05 budget provision:

$40,720 Catalyst IT PUA/UCI Prototype –Stage One

Total spend on 04/05 Budget:


2005/06 Budget

Draft Business Plan provides for $75,000.

Current committed expenditure includes the following items:

$22,000 Various ENUM Workshop (rough estimate from Office)

$31,200 M-Co Report on staging an ENUM Trial in New Zealand

$undefined Michael Sutton Honorarium for work on Delegation Report

The Task Force expects further expenses to arise in the course of developing its activity plan for 2005/06 and will seek an amendment to the Business Plan to be submitted to the members, in order to reflect the greater expenses that may be incurred.

5. Recommendations to Council

The following recommendations are moved for Council:

  1. THAT the ENUM Task Force report be received.
  2. THAT Council note that, for the PUA/UCI Prototype Project, Michael Sutton is the Project Manager and Rodney Prescott is the Project Sponsor; AND THAT Council acknowledge that Hilary Carlile as the secretariat PMO person, for the ENUM projects.
  3. That the PUA prototype Stage 1 be released under an open source licence, providing open and unrestricted development rights.
  4. THAT Council note the decision of the Task Force to authorise the attendance of Tony Holmes for the ENUM Workshop, including up to GBP2000 for his airfare and related accommodation and transport expenses while in New Zealand.
Michael Sutton
Chair ENUM Task Force

22 April 2005

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