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ENUM Task Force Report to Council 28/08/05

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  • Introduction
  • EISG established with TCF
  • M-co ENUM Trial Consultation Paper released to the public
  • PUA source code released
  • Media Coverage of PUA software release
  • APEC Business Advisory Council
  • Technology New Zealand grant application –draft in preparation
  • Asia Pacific ENUM Engineering Team
  • InternetNZ Task Force Membership
  • Budget
  • Recommendations


InternetNZ' s ENUM Task Force had a tremendous start to the 2005-2006 Council year. This will be a seminal year in the successful trial and establishment of ENUM for New Zealand. Our efforts, resources and work to date have provided InternetNZ with a solid foundation and authority to fully engage with other stakeholders including the Public, Government and Industry.

The momentum InternetNZ has generated will continue and with the establishment of the ENUM Industry Steering Group (EISG) we should shortly obtain broad consensual approval to obtain Government delegation of the for the ENUM trial implementation.

At our next Council meeting we will report on an agreed work plan with the EISG which will provide a clear insight and indicative project time-line for the next 12 months.

Following our last Council meeting on June 24th, InternetNZ' s ENUM Task Force has seen our efforts of 2004-2005 attain important milestones, including:

EISG (ENUM Industry Steering Group):

Following our meeting on June 1 with the TCF in Auckland an ENUM Industry Steering Group has been agreed and established. The EISG will comprise 10 representatives (plus chair –vacant at this time).

InternetNZ has advised the Telecommunications Carriers Forum that Keith Davidson, David Farrar, Michael Sutton, Debbie Monahan and Nick Griffin will attend meetings of the EISG. Grant Forsyth has been nominated as Telstra Clear' s (TCF) representative. In addition Telecom New Zealand, World Exchange, CallPlus and TUANZ will have representatives attend these meetings.

The first meeting of the EISG is scheduled for September 8 2005 in Auckland.

M-co ENUM Trial Consultation Paper

The paper was released to the public and industry in mid July. Submissions (and notice of intention) close(d) on August 19th 2005. (>200 web-site downloads)

ENUM PUA source code release:

On the 26th of July InternetNZ released the source code, under a BSD open source licence, for the ENUM Personal User Agent. (not UCI Registry). The Chair thanks Brendan Murray for his work reviewing the source code and editing the release documentation to ensure appropriate acknowledgement of InternetNZ.

The software release was promoted through media releases and information bulletins sent to multiple mailing lists.

On August 1 2005 the Dominion InfoTech carried a detailed lead article and colour screen capture of the PUA.

One comment received from Henry Sinnreich (ex MCI) now CTO Pulver Communications: "Thanks for sharing. This is most welcome news for developers of SIP telephone devices, SIP proxy servers and SIP-PSTN and mobile telephone gateways". There has been no adverse comment that the Chair is aware of.

The European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) responded positively to the software release and requested InternetNZ include web site references to the UCI and PUA research ETSI have undertaken.

APEC Business Advisory Council

In mid July we were contacted by New Zealand' s representative to ABAC (APEC Business Advisory Council –Brian Lynch). He requested a meeting to see and discuss the ENUM work we have been undertaking. ABAC provides policy advice to the Leaders Meeting of APEC. (Korea November 2005)

At this meeting I was requested to assist develop draft papers that were being prepared for the ABAC Technology Working Group for discussion at the August 3 meeting in Kuala Lumpur. This meeting has been held and we have been advised that the paper was well received. A final draft recommended that the 21 member countries actively support development, trial and implementation of these services. The paper referenced InternetNZ twice including the development and release of the ENUM UCI PUA prototype

Technology New Zealand Grant Application draft

Meetings have been held with Graeme Carrol to provide detailed information enabling him to draft an application for a 'Technology New Zealand' grant in support of the future ENUM UCI Trial.

InternetNZ received a draft of this application on the 12th of August. I met with Keith and Chris to edit and augment this paper.

InternetNZ will discuss this with the EISG at our meeting on the 8th of September and with consensus support the Executive Director will finalise the application for submission.

Asia Pacific ENUM Engineering Team (APEET)

We have now been welcomed into the Asia Pacific ENUM Team APEET. This will entail participating in online meetings (IRC and video). We will receive advice and support from members and may expect to be asked to help facilitate a New Zealand SIP gateway from time to time in support of demonstrations at events such as Apricot and IETF meetings.

InternetNZ Task Force Membership

Following discussions with the President, it is proposed that the following Councillors be members of InternetNZ' s Task Force:

Michael Sutton (Chair)
Rodney Prescott (Vice Chair)
Grant Forsyth
Mark Harris
Colin Jackson (ex officio President)
David Farrar (ex officio Vice President)
Chris Streatfield (ex officio Treasurer)
Keith Davidson (ex officio Executive Director)

Others participants will include:
Jordan Carter

The Task Force may also second other volunteers to InternetNZ' s ENUM Task Force who have specific capabilities and skill sets that are relevant.

Budget Status

See Council Financial Reports for detail. There was no unanticipated expenditure.

Recommendations to Council

The following recommendations are moved for Council:

1. THAT the ENUM Task Force report be received.

Michael Sutton
Chairman InternetNZ ENUM Task Force
Wednesday, 17 August 2005
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