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ENUM E.164 Seminar Report 13/12/03

by admin last modified Sep 24, 2008 11:44 AM

Status: Received at Council Meeting 13/12/03

Presenter: Tony Holmes Btexact Technologies (UK) Hosted by the joint NAD Management Committee and InternetNZ Westpac Stadium 24th November 2003 Michael Sutton. In attendance 0900-1500. (unable to attend to 1700) ~25-30 attendees.

Tony Holmes leads BT's Numbering and Naming Strategy Group and is the Chair of ETSI TISPAN numbering group. He advised New Zealand to watch and observe rather than implementing an immediate trial solution.

My view is that InternetNZ should actively develop our position and compare how others in the Asian region continue to progress over the next 6 month period. InternetNZ is likely to have a Tier 1 Registry role within Enums future deployment in New Zealand.

The meeting was well hosted and once the lighting was adjusted, the visuals became readable. Acknowledgement are due to Telstra Clear and thanks to Grant Forsyth as host to Tony, who enjoyed his stay in New Zealand.

I have summarized issues presented, raised and talked about with delegates as bullet points.

  • Enum alone seems from a customer viewpoint to be a network utility. If Enum is linked to a stable User Identity Code that can be migrated from one network/directory to another, and across to other country directories, it will offer the consumer a "new" service with definable benefits.
  • InternetNZ TLD would be an ideal Tier 1 Registry. The shared Registry approach seems relevant.
  • However, Enum does not put the individual or company "identity" owner at the center of the paradigm.
  • Suggested it was easier for people to remember a number that a url or mail address.
  • Enum currently requires that Top level International roaming Toll Identity (####) is used to enable a virtual international roaming Enum identity.
  • There was reference to an ITU Universal Communications Identifier (UCI) pointing to Enum record to provide identity owners with a stable internationally transferable look-up pointer on to which directory look-ups are made which point to the Enum facility.
  • Possible customer capture by sanctioned Directory Services.
  • Is (essentially) national centric moving to another country breaks the users identity chain (except if using international T1 number)
  • "Trust" at initial registration and change control very important : Use of physical documentation (eg. passports) and use of Digital Signatures for change control.
  • "Opt-in only" to permit "third parties" to have Directory look-up access. Security issue of how deep that view should be.
  • Did not see where the customer benefits sufficiently to make Enum alone a "must have" service. Could see the benefit for the % of international business users travellers and VOIP appliance users. Needs to be tied to Universal Id Code to get mass market to agree to the "OPT IN" requirements of the service otherwise appears to be a IP handset API routing tool not a useful individual / corporate identity directory service.
  • Claimed that the system requires 100% of the number data-set be populated and operational to enable technical routing. (possibly would be come the default)
  • No requirement to provide actual peering bridge between VOIP and PSTN. (ITU centric)
  • Control || Selection of Tier 1 Registry critical. UK have 3 or 4 at present in trial set.
  • There has already been an attempted "assignment-hijack" of Country code from Ripe by individuals and companies seeking to have critical Tier 1 country identities numbers assigned. Is New Zealand vulnerable ?
  • Personal Identity theft security and protection
  • Government access to data-set for security services
  • Network architecture important to load balancing.
  • Whois access: how much information to whom

Networks could capture routes not providing least cost or client preferred, by selective ordering and representation of the remote party.

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