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ENUM Task Force Report 16/06/05

Report to Council - June 2005 (draft v0.1)

1. Meetings

The last face-to-face meeting of the ENUM Task Force was held at InternetNZ’s offices in Wellington on 10 th June and at the time of writing a teleconference is to be held with M-co on June 20 th 2005.

Those attending the face to face meeting were Michael Sutton (Chair), David Farrar, Chris Streatfield, Keith Davidson, Executive Director, Research & Policy Officer (minutes). Grant Forsyth, Rodney Prescott and Brendan Murray attended via teleconference. The agenda was as follows:

  • Apologies & Conflicts of Interest
  • Approval of Notes from April 29 th Meeting
  • Report from the meeting with the TCF (Telecommunications Carriers Forum)
    (June 1 st 2005)
  • Review of the Draft M-co Report
  • ENUM PUA Software release
  • ENUM Policy Statement (see recommendation)
  • Membership and media liaison
  • Budget
  • General Business

2. Activities to date

Since the Council meeting on 24 April 2005, the Task Force has:

  • Met as noted above.
  • Received the Final Draft of the report from M-Co on holding an ENUM Trial in New Zealand.
  • Developed, considered and recommended for ratification to Council an “InternetNZ ENUM Policy Statement ”
  • Undertaken a review of the M-Co report and provided suggestions. (Final Report is pending). The Task Force is preparing with support from the Office a distribution list.
  • Delegated to the Technical Committee a request to prepare a recommendation as to which Licence variation should be used for release of the ENUM PUA UCI prototype application.
  • On June 1 st, Keith Davidson, David Farrar and Michael Sutton met the Board of the TCF in Auckland. For over one hour we presented and discussed the proposal to form an Industry ENUM Steering Group. Keith used a Powerpoint presentation and the meeting was very positive. Questions put to us ranged across governance, technical and operational matters. All three representatives of InternetNZ made significant contributions during the meeting. Grant Forsyth attended as an observer.
  • We have received verbal advice from the Chair of the TCF that InternetNZ’s proposal will be accepted in principal. InternetNZ is awaiting a letter of confirmation.
  • The Task Force Chair wrote to Ching Chiao Chair of the APEET accepting their invitation to join the Asia Pacific ENUM Engineering Team.

3. Future Activities

  • Ministerial meeting (ENUM to be raised)
  • Meet with TCF and conclude an agreement with the TCF as soon as possible
  • Release the M-co report for public comment

4. Recommendations to Council

The following recommendations are moved for Council:

  • THAT the ENUM Task Force report be received.
  • THAT Council approve the attached "nternetNZ ENUM Policy Statement"
Michael Sutton
Chair ENUM Task Force

16 June 2005


  • InternetNZ supports the trial and, if successful, implementation of ENUM in New Zealand.
  • ENUM, which maps the PSTN numbering scheme to the Internet’s domain name system, will be beneficial to telecommunications users, Internet users and associated industries. ENUM is a major step in the convergence of telecommunications and Internet services.
  • InternetNZ has, and will continue to contribute towards policy development for ENUM, in line with our vision of an open and uncaptureable Internet.
  • InternetNZ recommends that should be setup in a similar model to the .nz domain name space where the wholesale tier 1 registry is as small and efficient as possible, thus promoting competition and innovation amongst retail registrars.
  • InternetNZ will not provide retail ENUM services.
  • InternetNZ is interested in providing the Tier 1 registry, as a service to the local Internet community.
  • InternetNZ recommends that a wholesale Universal Communications Identifier (UCI) registry should be implemented as part of ENUM, to allow Registrars to support the operation of Personal User Agent (PUA) services.
  • InternetNZ recommends that the New Zealand implementation of ENUM incorporates appropriate security and authentication for users.
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