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ICANN06 Minutes 22/03/05

Minutes of a Meeting of ICANNZ06 Task Force

22 March 2005, 12.30 - 2.00pm


  • Keith Davidson (Chair), David Farrar, Grant Forsyth, Jennifer Northover, Chris Streatfield, Pete Macaulay, Jordan Carter, Laura Virgo (Grant and Jennifer by teleconference).


  • Peter Dengate Thrush (accepted)

Status: Final; adopted by Task Force on 22 April 2005.

1. Report from Laura Virgo

Laura Virgo provided a comprehensive update on activity since the last meeting. Points arising for follow up included:

  • Circulation of ICANN Board meeting timetable to this group (Peter Macaulay)
  • The need to ensure rooms are available for early arrivals (Laura Virgo)
  • Possible need for an early meeting for the ICANN Nominations Committee
  • Note that the Duxton is the preferred hotel, for early arrivals and through the Conference.
  • Circulate Critical Time Line to Committee (Laura Virgo)
  • Follow up on TourismNZ funding (Keith Davidson and Simon Riley)
  • Complete Event Insurance form (Peter Macaulay)
  • Circulate Wellington Convention Bureau material (Laura Virgo)
  • Meeting regarding support on Welcome Function options – 1 April – Keith Davidson, Laura Virgo)

2. Vision/Mission/TOR

Jennifer Northover's document from a few months ago was to be circulated around the list for consideration. People should send feedback and proposed updates to this around on the list.

Hotel broadband - Laura Virgo to seek reports from the hotels on their planned availability.

3. Review of Bid Document / RFC

All members of the Committee agreed to read the bid document in the week before the next meeting. It is available on the Portal.

4. Reporting

Laura Virgo will be reporting to these meetings. The Secretariat will provide minuting services. Later in the process, more formal reporting will be developed as required.

Grant noted it would be useful to have a report from Laura before the meetings, and Laura undertook to circulate her report items a few days/week before the meetings.

5. Key Milestone Dates

Already mentioned above, Laura is developing a critical timeline. All on the Committee need to build our critical issues into this timetable.

6. Branding / Logo

Grant Forsyth had developed a brief, and he will recirculate this to the Committee for comment. Once the requirement is defined quotes can be sought. Committee to comment on brief by Easter, and staff to progress and report back to next meeting.

7. Sponsorship

This item was around the development of a structured plan (value for benefits) for sponsorships (for both international and local sponsors). What arrangements have been entered into/promised/alluded to regarding sponsorship value/exchange of benefits for the use of Citylink's Andy Linton.

Keith Davidson noted that the only two undertakings so far are that Andy will be Technical Manager, and Laura Virgo will be Conference Manager.

Laura Virgo agreed to circulate a standard template on sponsorship and an invitation, and the Committee agreed to make this a key agenda item for the next meeting, with a couple of hours set aside to discuss sponsorship – potential sponsors and the benefit packages they could be offered.

8. ED attendance at ICANN Argentina

The Committee briefly discussed this, and agreed to pass any suggested names who Pete should meet to him before his departure for Argentina. International Committee to be asked to circulate suggested names to Pete as well.

9. Attendee to Luxembourg

Office to investigate booking an open ticket business class to Luxembourg. Committee noted a suggestion sending R&P Officer to ICANN Vancouver. Will discuss at the next meeting.

Next meeting Friday 15th of April in the afternoon 2pm to 6pm.

©2005 The Internet Society of New Zealand

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