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DNDR Terms of Reference

March 17 2001


ISOCNZ has delegated responsibility for maintaining the domain name space or system ("DNS") in the .nz country code top level domain ("ccTLD"). In doing so, under the various applicable RFCs (in particular RFC 1591 and its own rules, ISOCNZ is charged with enhancing the use of the internet. To do so, from time to time, ISOCNZ sets policy governinime, ISOCNZ sets policy governing use of the internet in New Zealand following public consultation with affected participants or potential participants. Examples of such policies can be found on this site (e.g. governing the creation of new second level domains).

Currently, much of the day to day operational policy relating to the DNS is implemented by ISOCNZ's wholly owned subsidiary Domainz. Most of the rules and policy governing how a person may obtain and use a domain name in the .nz space can be found therefore at Domainz's site.

The role of Domainz will change as a result of the implementation of the Report of the SRS Working Group (the final version). At paragraph 100 of that report an indication was given that the SRS Working Group consider that some form of service for the resolution of disputes relating to domain names in the .nz space would be a valuable protection for registrants in a competitive shared registry system as proposed in that report. However, the SRS Working Group considered that this issue was outside its terms of reference.

Therefore, ISOCNZ Council resolved on Friday, February 23, 2001:

"[Motion 01/19] That a working group be formed under the auspices of the Society's Legal and Regulatory Affairs committee:

1. to investigate whether there is a need for an organised service outside the court system, to resolve, or in some way assist in resolution of, disputes relating to ownership and/or any other rights associated with domain names in the .nz country code top level domain; and

2. if such a service is considered necessary or advantageous, to recommend the nature, scope, and methods of operation of such a service together with a basic plan for implementation of those recommendations."

Working Group

Rick Shera, Councilor ISOCNZ, (Lowndes Jordan, Barristers and Solicitors) (Convenor)
Peter Dengate Thrush, Chair ISOCNZ
Damian Broadley, Solicitor and Patent Attorney, AJ Park & Son
Sarah Mehrtens, Legal Counsel, National Bank of New Zealand
David Farrar, Office of the Leader of the Opposition
David Harvey, District Court Judge
David Zanetti, Councilor, ISOCNZ


Publication of terms of reference April 6 2001
First round consultation closes June1
Working Group Green Paper published July 22
Consultation on Green Paper closes September 21
Working Group draft White Paper published September 28
Final Comment period on draft White Paper closes October 19
Final White Paper submitted to ISOCNZ Council for approval October 26
Council decision November 2


The consultation process will involve mailing list/web based discussion, face to face public meetings and, where appropriate, specific consultation with interested parties/agencies. As a first step those interested are encouraged to subscribe to the mailing list specifically devoted to this consultation at

©2001 The Internet Society of New Zealand
Last updated 6 April 2001

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