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Road Show Working Group Report 23/02/01

Summary of Roadshow progress, February 23, 2001

Jennifer Northover and Howard Frederick have met with both the SmartManukau Reference Group and Enterprise Waitakere representing Waitakere City Council with the objective of offering to present ISOCNZ-sponsored workshops. The extent of the sponsorship is $5,000 per roadshow. Including Gisborne, the anticipated funding is $15,000 to cover the three.

Waitakere roadshow

The Waitakere event that we are proposing would coincide with their Economic summit that will be held on 27 April. This summit is designed to profile their film cluster and to culminate in the evening's Business Awards dinner and presentations.

ISOCNZ would be a sponsor along with one or more other sponsors. The event would be shared with WCC and receive good profiling through the overall content. Waitakere are enthusiastic about the proposed topics as they are consistent with the focus areas for the City of ecommerce and entrepreneurship (see the defined workshop sections).


Since the roadshow is a part of the Summit, we are restricted to the pool of invited guests that WCC will approach to attend. Through the invitees are restricted, the number will be larger than we had hoped to attract alone. Equally, the publicity value will be larger.

Under other circumstances would prefer to have a target market/audience that represents the social/SME/community groups that would best benefit from application of the dividend/roadshow investment.

However there are other factors to consider:

  • The available space is limited (there are no larger conference facilities in Henderson). There are little if any opportunities to go out to a wider audience in this session.
  • WCC are keen to work with ISOCNZ on future presentations. We would have more say in any future arrangements as to our preferred audience.
  • This is a great opportunity to gain credibility as a future credible partner for workshops. The internet applies to most sectors. ISOCNZ can align with many different workshop partners where we would have difficulty in attracting a wide audience if we went this alone.
  • The spotlight, though shared, is much stronger. Waitakere is flattered by ISOCNZ's interest and support. Future collaboration is possible.


An Events manager will be arranged by a Unitec senior staff/Social Impact Councillor. Management aspects will be agreed once the individual has been decided on, and there are a number to select from.

Structure of the Day (Friday 27 April)


Hosted by Mayor Bob Harvey at Lincoln Green

Featuring address by Mr. Richard Ross, Vice-President Studios USA, Hollywood

Subject: "The Future of Waitakere in the Post-Xena Economy"


Powhiri, mihimihi. Intro from Mayor then brief report from Chief Executive Harry O'Rourke.

Day-long moderation by Councillor Frederick on behalf of ISOCNZ and UNITEC



John O'Hara


Estimated at 75 minutes duration:


  1. eCommerce and the Virtual Enterprise: Mike Stobbs and Terry Allen
  2. Security and Trust on the Internet (Jennifer Northover and Bob Gray - ISOCNZ)
  3. E-mail Marketing (Chris Price or Zac Pullen of MessageMedia and another company)


KEYNOTE ADDRESS. Suggestions include:

  • Tom O'Toole
  • John Blackham
  • Emily Loughnan
  • Victor Smith (MeatDirect)
  • Peter Leach (meat)
  • Arama Kukutai (spectrum auctions)
  • Wendy Pye (books)
  • Tom Schnackenberg (yachting)



  1. Success stories (Lisa eR, Karen Walker)
  2. Investment Readiness and Venture Capital (I-Grow)
  3. Creativity and Innovation for Marketing / Entrepreneurs Toolkit (Peter Mellalieu)


Consider some quality freeware and URLs as a branded CDROM giveaway. (Would have to come from ISOCNZ contribution)

Sponsorship Agreement

UNITEC and ISOCNZ co-sponsorship

Invitation go with our logos and statements

Exhibit stand, logos on display in the venue, sponsor one of the side rooms each. ISOCNZ room, UNITEC room, Council Room. Banner in side room.

Commitments as follows:

  • ISOCNZ - up to $5,000
  • Unitec - up to $5,000
  • WCC - up to $10,000

Media Relations

Council takes lead, UNITEC and ISOCNZ co-ordinate with the Council

Coordinating could be a key responsibility of the Event Organiser. We have specified that ISOCNZ ED will take an active role in approving and assisting with press releases.

Future topics suggested for further Mayoral Breakfasts and/Seminars

Export issues and "how to" for SME's

Education - how to kick start a new education to go with the "new economy"

Infrastructure issues - telcos and what's needed to turn the City into a network paradise

Maori/PI business development inspiration and issues

Community networks - the soft infrastructure of great cities

Manukau Event

Jennifer and Howard have met with the SmartManukau Reference Group and presented the proposal below. Though the reception was positive, there has been no formal response yet.

Manukau City in the Internet Economy


A three-hour, mid-week evening moderated workshop with plenary, facilitated working groups (participants pick two), and wrap-up/report-back. This document sets out the suggested format, content and composition of the event.


  • TBA before June 22.
  • Manukau Civic Centre


  • His Worship Sir Barry Curtis


  • Manukau City Council
  • UNITEC's New Zealand Centre for Innovation & Entrepreneurship (NZCIE)
  • Internet Society of New Zealand (ISOCNZ)


  • New Zealand Centre for Innovation & Entrepreneurship at UNITEC
  • Manukau City Business Development and Investment Unit

WG Topics (participants pick two)

Speakers from the Internet Society (I), UNITEC (U), Private Sector (P), Government (G), others??

  1. E-Government / E-Democracy (Frank March (IG), Mark Harris (IG), Richard Naylor (P)). Smart cities, governmental information, democratic practice in a wired society.
  2. Entrepreneurs and the New Economy (Peter Mellalieu (U), John O'Hara (UP) Developing and implementing e-business strategies
  3. E-Education, Tahatai Bay School, ThinkQuest? (Gordon Dryden (P), Keith Davidson (IP))
  4. Regional Economic Development (Howard Frederick (IU), Jennifer Northover (IP)). Discovering a city's assets and niche advantages in the Knowledge Economy
  5. E-Tourism. Marketing the city to the globe. Peter Wiltshier (U).
  6. Digital Divide (Maori Internet Society) Social issues due to income gap, regional differences, generations, and gender.
  7. Electronic commerce and the virtual enterprise (Terry Allen, Microsoft (P); Mike Stobbs, Advantage Group (P))
  8. Internet Governance Issues for Business (Sue Leader (I) or Peter Dengate-Thrush (IP), Andrew Mason (IP), Rick Shera (IP)). Internet privacy, security, intellectual property, .nz domain issues, preparing for new TLDs

Co-ordinating Partners

  • Tu Van Nguyen and David Flett, Manukau


  • Event organizer/consultant
  • Supervised by Howard Frederick, Jennifer Northover, Beverley Irving


  • $10,000 from ISOCNZ, event expenses covered by City. Hire PT event organizer $50/hour, 80 hours over 90 days.


  • Councilors and staff, chambers of council, EDANZ members, journalists, small business, venture community, members of the Internet Society of New Zealand, general public

Other possible synergies

  • Trade New Zealand, Ministry for Economic Development, Industry New Zealand. Consultus, Celebrity Speakers.

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Last updated 21 February 2001

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