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Structural Review - 28 April 2006

InternetNZ Structural Review


Council considered in some details the proposed structural review at its March 2006 meeting, and approved it in principle. Since then it has also been discussed at members consultation meetings and been supported. A copy of the review paper has been sent to NZOC and NZRS asking for their feedback.

Council is now asked to formally appoint the Structural Review Taskforce, as detailed below


The proposed purpose for the review is:

Determining the organisational structure that will be most effective in allowing InternetNZ to meet its mission, vision and goals


Issues to be covered by the review include, but are not limited to:

1.  Form of Organisation

2.  Legal Liability

3.  Governance Structures

4.  .nz Structures

5.  Management

6.  Structure of Sub-Groups

7.  Membership

8.  Other Issues

Process and Timing :

The proposed process is as follows:

a) Council Workshop debates Structural Review March 06

b)  Council approves draft terms of reference for the review March 06

c) Members consulted at Consultation Meetings on Review April 06

d) Council approves final terms of reference for Review April 06

e) Review Taskforce considers suitable applications for a lead reviewer May 06

f) Review Taskforce circulates list of proposed stakeholders to interview. May 06
Such as:

a. Current Councillors and Officers

b.  Former Officers

c.  Some former Councillors

d.  Members of NZOC and NZRS

e.  All Staff

f.  Some members (either individually or at a group discussion)

g.  Accountants, Auditors and Lawyers as necessary

g)  Reviewer undertakes interviews Jun Jul 06

h)  Reviewer submits draft review to Taskforce Aug 06

i)  Taskforce submits draft review to Council Aug 06

j)  Draft Review opened for staff and member comment Sep 06

k)  Revised Report submitted to Taskforce Sep 06

l)  Revised Report submitted to Council Oct 06

m)  Revised Report opened for final staff and member comment Nov 06

n)  Final Report submitted to Taskforce Nov 06

o)  Final Report submitted to Council Dec 06

If changes are agreed, the following implementation plan could apply:

p)  Structural Review Taskforce prepares transition plan if necessary early 07

q)  Structural Review Taskforce draws up constitutional amendments Feb 07

r)  Council approves constitutional amendments in principle Feb 07

s)  SGM called to vote on amendments Apr 07

t)  New structure operating by AGM 07

This would all be contingent on what change, if any, is agreed to. A change to a charitable trust (for example) would involve different changes.


The proposed business plan has a $100,000 budget The Taskforce will be delegated authority to recommend expenditure to the Executive Director against this budget,

Taskforce Membership

Roger Hicks (Chair)

Chris Streatfield (Deputy Chair)

David Farrar

Frank March

Colin Jackson (ex-officio)

Michael Wallmannsberger

David Harris

Janet Mazenier


That Council approve the scope, time-table, budget and taskforce membership for the structural review of InternetNZ.

David Farrar

Interim Chair

Structural Review Taskforce

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